What am I, compared to a blonde cod?

I recently purchased a lot of 145 letters at an auction.  They range from 1945 to 1948, and am now just getting into reading them.  I am transcribing them word for word, without any punctuation or grammar changes.  I hope you find them as fascinating as I do! Below is the first letter from Clarese Lettenmaier to Charles (Chuck) Stephan.

Dec 1, 1945 pg1(detail)

 December 1, 1945

Saturday Eve.

Dear Chuck:

And as for my first letter to you, what shall I say?  I’ve only just talked to you but I feel like writing anyway.

And say where did you disappear to so sudden like when you hung up. Bet that little blond had something to do with it.  I really didn’t expect you to hang up but I guess I was fooled.  What am I compared to a blonde cod.

Oh but that wasn’t nice.  I’m sorry.  I’m piled up on Lauda’s bed listening to JoJo. They went out on late permission.  Gee I kinda miss you.  Wonder what your doing now.  I’m rereading your letter.  Still sounds good. Guess you know its going to go in to my scrap book.  No one will be able to read it tho.

You know-I really should be studying but I’m in the writing mood.  I have written two letters already.  I’ve been on Lauda’s bed most of the day.  I’ll be okay in a couple of days and by then I’ll have caught up on my sleep.  Am looking forward to that nite.

Say, you really got something from home the other day huh! Well I’m glad you got the crumbs anyway.

Say I’m awfully anxious to see what I got in that package.  Guess I’m to curious-Oh well-only 25 days.

I’m listening to some good music but am getting sleepy.  Guess I’ll either go to sleep or find something else to do.  But not till I finish this.

Gee I’m still sweating.  I hate to take my robe off tho.  Guess I shouldn’t try to steam so.  But really its making me feel better in the long run.

Say what do you think of my stationary?  I got a box of this stuff.  All different little sayings.  Only trouble-I have to be careful who I write to on it.  Wish some lady would be going down town tonite.  And would mail this for me.  I’ll do it tomorrow tho.

I’m right proud.  Both this morning and evening-I got to take care of a patient with pneumonia. We have to wear special gowns, masks, and wash in certain solutions-Mainly so we won’t catch it and so we won’t carry it to other patients.

Say what did you guys do last nite.  I do wish we could have gone out together.  Maybe soon we could.  Could you maybe get those two guys or something.  Now before you know it I’ll have you in on a little deal.

Well, I’ll write daddy a letter then hit the hay.  Will you see me in dream land?

“Kiss me once, and kiss me twice, And kiss me once again, It’s been a long long time.”

Nite now.

As ever,



Check back next Thursday for the second letter in this series!


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