Top 10 Posts of 2013- Continued

Here’s the continuation from yesterday’s post of my top 10 favorite posts with numbers 5-1!

Number 5

This ad cracks me up.  I find it amusing that people actually believed in these sorts of contraptions!

Can you imagine wearing this to perfect your nose?  It looks like it would hurt more than it would actually change your nose!  This advert is from the April 1917 copy of The Gentlewoman Magazine.

1917 Nose Job

Number 4

Unique, but not rare, these tobacco silks illustrate women’s hobbies in the late 19th century.

Germany Tobacco Silk

Tobacco Silks

Number 3

I still love that I didn’t see the Green Man in this silver plated bread platter until after I got home!


Meriden Silver Plate Company

Number 2

Whenever I see this, I think of Clarese on a date, powdering her nose and touching up her blush in the bathroom of a nightclub.


Louise Vale Blush

Number 1

This is by far my favorite item ever purchased.  I love the clothing, the hats, the setting, and the history behind it!


Sunshine, Sand, and Lots of Clothing


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