Mischievous Nurses

We’ve jumped a couple of months in our letters from Clarese to Chuck.  Chuck made it out to visit Clarese in August, and arrived home just before the start of September.  While she doesn’t talk too much about their vacation together, she does mention he bought her a piggy bank and hid it from her for her birthday.

Sept 2

Dearest Chuck: I’ll bet you’ve written me all ready.  But me, I’ve been living in a dream and am just coming to enough to write you.  Seems ages since you’ve been gone.  I’m planning when I will see you again.  Can’t be too soon for me.

What did your folks say when you got home Friday?  What time did you get in?  Tell me all about it.  Remember Friday was graduation here.  So I had to go.  The evening sure started off bad.  I missed my bus and the cab was late coming.  I was supposed to be at the church at 7:30 and made it by 7:50.  It was beautiful.  Just think in about two years from now we’ll have our graduation exercises.  Gona come get me then?  As you might guess, I was put on the refreshment committee.  It was hard work too.  Cutting ice cream bricks etc.  But we made up for it.  We swiped about 9 pints of ice cream, a platter of cake and cookies-you know- well we sure had a swell party down in Jenny and Laura’s room.  They’re in the basement you know.  Laura let me out afterwards.  Guess where I wondered to then?  Went down to Kelly’s.  Had me two John Collins.  One for you and one for me.  I know you don’t especially like them but I didn’t want to change drinks.  Remember when I was wondering what that woman was drinking with the lemons etc in it?  It was either a John or Tom Collins.  Cause that’s what mine had in it.  Not many people were there. Just a couple drunk women.  Say, that bottle is going to go awfully slow if people keep buying drinks for me.  And Ernie keeps giving me quarters to play in the nickelodeon.

Saturday I stayed home.  We were going out to the fair and Connie and Margaret but Eve’s Curse caught up with me and I didn’t feel so hot.  Yesterday I stayed home too you aught to see my table cloth now-I have two corners finished and another started.  I read three more magazines too.

Thanks ever so much for my pig for my birthday.  That’s the one we saw int he window wasn’t it?  Guess what I’m putting in him? Quarters.  Soon I’ll be rich.  Did you put him in the floor by my suit cases?  Mom found him. Granny gave me a hanky and daddy sent me a pretty hair brush. We had a fried chicken dinner and mom baked me a cake.  Sure was pretty.  Had pink rose buds on it.

1946 RCA Victor Victrola Radio Photograph Vintage Ad

A radio similar to something Clarese would have gotten for her birthday.

And I got a radio.  Golly it’s pretty.  Brown and gold pine on the front and a little handle.  But I bet you saw it.  I sure do like do like it and can I ever get the stations wow!

I stayed home last nite and tried to beautify myself.  Remember the cosmetics mom uses and the ones we talked about up at Nina’s  Well I’m staring to use it now. Last nite I put a mud pack on and boy was I beautiful.  Fixed my hair and took a good bath.  I read till Mom came in.  It was kinda late cause she and Charles went out to the vista theatre and saw the “Outlaw.”  They sure did like it.

Today they are going up toward Idaho City.  He brought some steaks along to fry in the oven.  But I can’t beacuse my little sister is coming to St. M. today and there’s going to be a tea.

Guess I’ll sign off now.

Love Clarese




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