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Contemplating Life, with an Orangutang


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Higbee Pressed Glass

My mom is a collector at heart, and she has an eye for beautiful objects from days past.  In the interest of learning more about some of the objects she has, she’s asked me to research them, and boy, am I finding some gems!

One of the objects she’s loaned to me is a water pitcher she acquired several years ago.

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Shorey’s Books and the Pocket Shakespeare

For the (all too brief) year that I lived in England, I sent myself out on several pilgrimages to see important homes and museums of revered authors: Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Lewis Carroll, and William Shakespeare to name a few. I purchased old books and new books, each with a different history-whether I was creating its history, or just adding to it.  I purchased several of Shakespeare’s works, hoping to finally understand his way with Iambic pentameter (I still look for antiquated Shakespeare, even though I have a large collection already!)  And while my understanding is certainly growing, I can’t help but admire Shakespeare’s tenacity on writing as a whole, his cleverness, his mysterious life, and his continued popularity.

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Baugh’s Premium Fertilizer

A while back, I visited a friend of mine and she let me raid her house to take pictures of all of her old collectibles.  Today’s post is on one of her items: a Baugh and Son’s fertilizer notebook.


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The Best Winter Pastime

It’s gotten super cold here, but we have yet to see any snow, unlike the rest of the Northeast who’s had feet of it…But, I digress.

The cold weather again inspired me to post the image below.

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Snowy Week Ahead

The weather in the northern United States is supposed to rather annoyingly bad this week, or so all of the meteorologists keep harping.  The impending bad weather makes me think of those folks who live in permanent snow, with wind chills in the negatives, and snow piling up to create several feet.  These thoughts inspired the search for those who willingly spent their time outdoors in the frigid weather.  Alaskan Iditarod teams.

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