A visit to the Hospital

July 20
Sat. morn.

Dearest Chuck:

Oh how I wish I was home last nite.  Now I’m not very sick, but sure do feel lousy.  I’d have given any thing to be home.  In my last letter didn’t I tell you that I had a cold and sure felt lousy?  Well, I got off duty yesterday morning and couldn’t hardly take it any longer.  Got in bed and tossed and turned till about 1-got up and called the Hosp and here I am!  It would have been nice to be on 4th and have a fellow come see me, but as it is, I’m on 2nd and will be out in time to really be feeling perky when he does come.

It was awfully nice of you to send me a wire  Really makes me feel swell.  I wonder tho!  You didn’t sign it love.  Guess you meant it tho or you wouldn’t have been so concerned.

You just make your plans and come on out here.  I’ll be ready.  Should be out in a couple of days.  Maybe tomorrow if my temps goes down and my coughing lets up.  I’m kinda glad your not here.  I’d hate to have you catch cold and I know you would.  I haven’t dreamed of those kisses for nothing!

I just had a trip down the hall and called Lee.  Would have called granny but the line was busy.  She’ll probably be mad when Lee calls her and tells her where I’m at.  Lee’s going to come see tonite and bring me some ice cream.  I haven’t had a very good couple of days and this Hosp. grub is nothing special.

I talked to Dr. Jewell this morning, and He doesn’t think those people will be selling the car.  How else have you planned to come?  What day do you think you’ll make it?  The 31st on the dot or before?  Bet we have a heavenly time.  If only I could have talked to you-we could have made better plans.

It is now eve. and Lee is up here.  She’s going to mail my letters.  I’ll dream of you tonite.  Say, Lee brought me some ice cream, do you want a disk?

I’ll wire you tonite.

All my Love-


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