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Wow, it’s been a bit of a time since I’ve posted anything from Chuck or Clarese.  To recap, Chuck was planning on driving out to Idaho from Illinois, a 27 hour drive, to visit Clarese, but was having difficulty in finding a car or another means of transportation.  Her entire letter is devoted to vacation planning, and it’s making me itch to hit the open road and go on a vacation of my own!

Road trip!  Photo courtesy of Lindenwood University, c.1940s

Road trip! Photo courtesy of Lindenwood University, c.1940s

July 18
Thurs afternoon

Dearest Chuck:

Am I a happy girl.  A letter a day for three days.  How do I rate.  Make me feel like a heel course I haven’t written for so long.  And I’m not working on my thesis either.  I just can’t seem to get into the feel of things.  Have to pretty darn quick I guess cause we’ve only got two weeks!

I’m going to send you a wire tonight and I suppose it shall mix you up a plenty so I shall write you a few more details:

Pardon the interruptions but I’ve been gone for an hour.  Went over to the hosp. and got my nylons  I ordered.  Just one pair and they’re white.  But we can’t even buy white cotton hose, and yet we have to wear them.  $1.50 a pair.  Stopped at Lemps and bought another roll of films.  I have four rolls now.  Are you going to bring a camera?

1946 Argoflex - with a viewfinder!

1946 Argoflex – with a viewfinder!

After I was at Lemps, I came back to the Hall.  Wes and Jenny were in the beau room so I stopped to gab.  Went down in the basement and got some cokes.  Now, here I am.

I had a long nite last nite.  Remember I was supposed to have a date?  Well, the car broke down so he didn’t come.  Instead I went to the show with Lee.  We saw ‘Centennial Summer.’ I had a splitting headache after the show, so I didn’t sleep well.  Got up at 6 and fixed me some breakfast and haven’t been asleep since.  I can’t see lying in bed and tossing so I got up again at 8.  Went out over the town for a sunbath.  I like to go out early that way.  Laid out for two hours.  Boy you should see my tan.  I told you I went out the other day didn’t I? Well, I’ve only been out twice but boy do I have a start.  Wonder how you’re coming.  Bet you’ll be very brown.

Now for a little about my vacation.  I did tell you once what I would like to do not too long ago.  I won’t tell you those plans again you can get my old letter.  How the plans have really been changed again the way around.

Connie doesn’t get the car this month but will get it the 10th of next month.  So they’re leaving on they’re vacation the 11th.  So will be gone from the 11th to the 20th.  We either have to go before or after they do.  After won’t be very much time so, can you possibly get here the 31st or 1st?  1st for Seattle.  Come sooner if you want to.  I ‘spect you’ll be plenty tired by the time you get here.  I’m not awfully sure but I think I’m going to get another week added to my vacation.  August 1st to Sept 4th.  Wonder how long you will stay?  You haven’t told me.  Maybe we could go to the McCall again.  Mrs. Williams is going again in August and she sure wished we could go up so maybe we can accommodate.  I get off work the morning of the 31st and I think that’s all I have to work.  Would be a swell time to leave.  We would cross the desert while it was cool and dark!  And see the beautiful sites while its light.  Then if we leave the afternoon of the 10th or 11th, that would give us over two weekends up there.  We’d leave first and then the rest of the folks would come, so then we’d have the whole house to our selves when they’re gone.

I got a letter from Nina today.  She said she’d meet us in Seattle so we have to tell her what bus we’re coming on.  She said it has been raining ever since they got back from Calif. So we should probably expect rainy weather.  But think when we come back to Boise again it will be beautiful.

I can’t think of much more to write so I’ll see you.  I’m getting sleepy.  Let me know when you’re coming.

Love always-



So I said I was going to send you a wire.  I really intended to but didn’t.  Maybe this letter will get there soon enough so you can do some planning.

I was writing to you, finished that and decided I was a little sleepy so I laid down to catch some shut eye.  It was nice and cold-lovely breeze.  Dozed off and on for about three hours so I felt a little better.  I sure was a sop today tho.

After laying out on the damp ground at 9 this morning, of course I was on blankets, but I guess it was still damp.  Then this eve I was lying in a direct breeze.  Guess what I’ve got now: a darn good cold.  My head and neck ache and I can hardly breathe.  I sure hate to report in the morning yet if I do, maybe I can have a rest on the 4th.

Golly I’m getting so excited.  guess I’m not as much as you tho, cause I’ll admit I lay in bed and dream, but not all night like you do.

I showed Laura my favorite picture of you this evening.  Well I suppose I should close. Hope to see you on the 31st. God speed you on your way.  Bring you to me as fast and safe as he can.
Bye now         All my love


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