The Best Laid Plans

Clarese’s next letter discusses the ever changing plans of Chuck coming out to visit in Boise.  Things seem to be going against them, and Chuck can’t seem to find a way to travel the 1850 miles (that’s 27 hours worth of travel time in today’s world of modern interstates!) to see Clarese.

July 15

Dearest Chuck:

Got a great big, nice long letter from you Friday.  Guess I haven’t written since Tuesday have I?

Now for the latest news: I went out to Jewell’s Friday.  She was going to wire those people.  And now she tells me they live in Minneapolis, Minn.  Guess I misunderstood.  She rather doubts if they’ll sell the car now that they can get better prices. If they do,  Mrs. Jewell said she would have them wire you.  Almost guess that leaves that out.  Doesn’t sound so good.  You’d better get on the ball and see if you can find another way to come out.  Have you been watching the papers close?  Did you try advertising? Did you go to the Chamber of Commerce or a travel bureau?  Find some way to come.  Will your dad be able to spare you?  If you come and he can’t, it might cause some hard feelings.  But I’m looking for you anyway.

Wes came Friday and Jenny had the weekend off.  Jenny and I talked about going to Seattle.  Guess they’re not going.  It’s okay by me tho.  I’d almost as soon sleep on your shoulder on a bus anyway.  So maybe we’ll just got that way.

So many things have happened this last week I don’t know where to begin.  Mom’s vacation had to come these next two weeks-so she’s taking off for north Idaho next Thursday.  Will be gone about a week.

The car people have promised Connie his car in a week or so-so grandpa is taking his vacation too.  About the 29th they’re leaving (granny, grandpa, Connie and Margaret, and the kids) for Seattle and a round-about trip to and from.  Will come back about the 8th of August.  I asked mom if Nina would still want us to come and she said yes because they wouldn’t be up there except fora  couple of days.

So, I asked mom why you couldn’t stay in granny’s room while they were gone and she said-granny said-that you should come around the first and stay in their room.  So here’s what I’ve got in mind.  But golly, Chuck: you let me do all the planning.  Do you always want to be henpecked, and bossed by me? You come as close to the 1st as you can.  Do you think I want to pass up any opportunities of being with you alone?  Especially all day since mom will be working!  Mrs. Jewell said her sister is still expecting me.  So sometime early in the morning of the 1st, guess I’ll go to Jerome.  Will come back on the third some time.  If you come and I’m not home yet, you just make yourself at home.  But you’ve got a lot of visiting to do.  We can have a whole week to fool around and then about the evening of the twelfth-leave to go up there.  Won’t have to come back until the afternoon of the 26th.

Yesterday Lee and I went swimming out at the “Nat.”  Sure was dirty.  And crowded even in the eve.  Went down to McCalls as usual for a hamburger and a milkshake.  Sure had fun last Friday.  After seeing Jewell’s one of the kids I had gone to school with brought me home.  I have a date with him next Wednesday.  My nite off.  Sure am going to have fun I know.  He has been a professional dancer on the West Coast for the last two years and is going to Boston to dramatic school in a couple of weeks.  But this one date will be enough.  After that I will have a man of my own.  Won’t I, Dolly?

Thursday nite Lee and I went to a show.  Bette Davis in a “Stolen Life.” It was really wonderful.  Do see it if you get a chance.

Say, how is your tan coming?  Should I get one?  Do you mind if you go with a girl real dark?  Well, I’m starting one.  Bet you’re way ahead of me.  Friday morning I laid out for 2 hours.  The difference is noticeable! Well, we’ll see if I can stand to roast any more.

Well, see you in my dreams.  Hope you can me sense out of this letter.  Love to you



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