One mop is better than another

Any marketing for an item with the phrase ‘makes your life easier’ is a sure sell to busy families and housewives everywhere.  O-Cedar, a furniture polish, made a jingle that said just that!

O-Cedar Polish & Mop

O-Cedar Polish & Mop


Beginning in the early 1900s, O-Cedar was an early door-to-door sale made of cedar leaf oil.  As the ad says, it cleaned as it polished.  I particularly enjoy the mop, which looks as if it’s made of straw!  Instead, it’s some kind of padding, which “prevents the marring and scratching of furniture.”The ad claims it “collects dust and cleans as it polishes.”  It also mentions its trademark shape: “It’s round-that means it cleans, dusts and polishes everywhere.  Makes it easy to clean those hard to get at places.” Perhaps in the 1910s, those ‘hard to get at places’ were a lot easier to get at than today’s tough spots, as I don’t think this mop would work for many 21st century chore-doers!  What do you think about it’s unique design?


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