Surprise of Surprises

Clarese is again up to no good, dishing out scandalous (for 1946) information regarding Chuck.  She discusses an ex-girlfriend, of which she slyly hints that she’s not jealous, as well as the time Chuck got high.  She also mentions briefly the continued rations throughout the United States.

Rationing in the US didn’t officially end until late in 1946.  Restrictions on most items were lifted in 1944 and 1945; however, sugar and meat continued throughout 1946.

Consumer instruction sheet for rationing.  Image courtesy of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.

Consumer instruction sheet for rationing. Image courtesy of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries.

July 10

Dearest Chuck:

Surprise of Surprises.  I got a card from you today.  Guess you really had a swell time at Toledo.  So it was similar to that one convention you told me about.  The one where you met Marie.  Not that  older I wonder who you met and what your approaches were.  Try them on me some time.  See how I react.  Bet I’d react good to any of yours.

Reminds me.  Did you meet Marie at that convention?  What did you do besides get high? Wish I was there and could have seen you.  I’ve only seen you high once.  One nite you come up to St. M. and you said some awfully sweet things to me.  Almost the only time I ever heard you come right out and say “I love you.”

Have you thought much about coming out?  My vacation is only three weeks away you know. How are your classes coming? Will you be able to come on if they’re not finished?  Are you going to be able to make them up? I haven’t heard from Mrs. Jewell yet but I’m going out there Friday so I expect I’ll know by then.  Going to find out a little more about my changes of coming back a little way to meet you.  Like I’ve said before.  Probably only to be able to come to Jerome.  Remember this name: Tad Nelson.  He owns a theatre.  That’s where I’ll be.

It’s now 0820 and I’ve already put my hair up, showered and I’m ready for bed.  I’m listening to Fred Waring “Don’t know why I love you like I do.”

Fred Waring and the Pennsyvanians

Fred Waring and the Pennsyvanians

Monday evening I sure sure slept well from 9-6 straight without even waking up.  Tuesday I was supposed to go down town and do some shopping.  Woke up at 2 but that was to early  so I went back to sleep of course.  Next I knew it was 5.  Too late so I went back to sleep.  Mo called at 6:30 so they came down and woke me  She wanted to know what was wrong.  So I guess I’ll have to make an effort to make it today.  Last nite I went down to the library to start working on my thesis.  Have a big book to read first.

How are you for food back there?  All we can’t get is meat.  That is of the necessary things.  Now we haven’t had pineapple for years!

Guess I’ll close now and go to bed.  Know why I like to go to bed?  I dream.  Know what I dream about?  Guess I get to thinking about you coming out, Dolly.

Love Clarese



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2 responses to “Surprise of Surprises

  1. I always enjoy how much I learn from your posts because you research so thoroughly. This on reminded me of a stash of ration books that I inherited from my grandparents. This graphic helps to complete the picture in my mind of how life was for them back during that time period. Thank you!

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