The Best Winter Pastime

It’s gotten super cold here, but we have yet to see any snow, unlike the rest of the Northeast who’s had feet of it…But, I digress.

The cold weather again inspired me to post the image below.


Sledding through Central park, this family is all smiles!  Even the dog is having fun pulling the little boy over the trampled, semi-shoveled path through the park.

The leg of mutton sleeves on the little girls’ dresses/overcoats were the highlight of early 1900s fashion, as well as the high button boots (which I’m sure didn’t keep their toes very warm!)  The little girl in the back has her fur muff, another high fashion accessory.


Based off the clothing, the time of day, and the location, this was a well to do family.  At their age, children in 1900 were expected to help support their families by working long hours in mills or other industrial  Additionally, this photograph was taken by an agent of the Detroit Photographic Company, a company who turned negatives into color lithographs, mass producing images.  This photograph illustrates the desirable all-American family people strove for-the desirable location on the upper east side, the fancy clothing, the leisure to stroll through the park or be a kid.





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