The Perfect Winter Warmer, 1964

Found in a Texas recipe book, this 1964 ad for the the perfect winter warmer is quite odd:




Dr. Pepper originated in Waco, Texas, and was first sold at the Morrison’s Old Corner Drugstore in 1885, making it the oldest manufacturer for soft drinks in the United States.  That beats the patent on Coke by one year!  It’s creator, Charles Alderton, acted as an apothecary for the people of Waco, mixing medicines behind the counter.  His aim for Dr. Pepper?  Tasting like the smell of the drugstore, with the fruity syrup flavors adding that little extra something.  Those 23 flavors of extra-specialness have made it a staple at gas stations, restaurants, and convenient stores alike.

I admit, this recipe has me skeptical about it’s delicious taste.  It seems like it would be pure sugar, with no carbonation to give it that kick.  But, if that’s your thing, grab a thermos and take it with you for those cold, blustery winter days!


Want to learn more about Dr. Pepper?  Visit the Dr. Pepper museum’s website to learn more, as well as order your Pepper Ringer tshirt!



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2 responses to “The Perfect Winter Warmer, 1964

  1. Zedwebb

    Interesting. I have never heard of this.

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