Maybe I’ll run away and join the carnival

When we last left Clarese and Chuck, they were discussing plans for Chuck’s trip out to see Clarese.  They’ve been ‘dating’ for almost a year, but not exclusive.  Clarese comments in this letter below, as well as a few others, about how she still sees other guys, and how she wants to stay ‘single’ for another two years.  The concept of dating in the 1940s is very similar to the millenial’s definition of ‘talking.’

There’s mention of a slight scandal concerning a young couple who arrive in the ER.  Check it out!


July 8

Dearest Chuck:

Sure am writing early, huh!  I have hopes tonite will be pretty quiet.  Last night was really a mess.  Started about 1:30.  A girl and boy I were brought in that I went to school with.  They were parked out at the municipal park and some cops drove up.  Guess the kids got paniky and drove off trying to ditch the cops.  took up the road towards the state park.  They’re car overturned- The girl was pinned underneath.  Had four huge locations on her face clean to the bone.  And on her shoulders, arms, hands, and legs.  She really looked a mess.  they boy had most of his big cuts below the belt.  And yet his pants weren’t torn.  Dr. asked if he had his pants unzipped or what.  But he never said anything.  It was quite interesting to see the Dr. stitch her up.  I had never seen that before.

Saturday I got up early and went to town.  Just don’t seem to get any shopping done tho-like old times, huh!  Went to a show-“The Bride wore Bo0ts.”  You should see it.  Note the horse Albert.  I saw him at the 101 Ranch rodeo the 3rd.  Pretty, pretty horse.

Paramounts, 'The Bride Wore Boots,' which premiered in 1946.

Paramounts, ‘The Bride Wore Boots,’ which premiered in 1946.

When I finally got off work yesterday morning (Sunday) I went home and put up mom’s hair.  SHe was going tover to Caldwell in the evening.  Then I went to bed.  Sure didn’t get much sleep either. Too many kids playing around and yelling- then I had to get up early and comb mom’s hair.

Do you know what today is?  11 whole months.  When it’s a year we’ll be together, won’t we.  Won’t be long now.  About four weeks!  Every time I think about it I get all choked up.

If I have time tonight, I’m going to write Nina and Joe.  Wonder about when we’ll go up there.

Mom saw Floy and Bud’s mom Saturday and she said she sure was looking forward to us coming out.  For two years now I’ve promised I’d spend part of my vacation with them.  And now with her married and you going with me, it’ll be alright.

Say, you should have been here last week and seen my fingernails.  They were all so log, but by now they have busted off.  And one of my thumb nails is trying to come off down in the quick.  Probably all bust and I’ll have my usual short nails.  Wish they would grow long.

Mrs. Reynolds just came down to tell me that next Friday would be my long nite.  Maybe I’ll go to the Dance or else out to Mrs. Jewell’s.  If I go to the dance-I’ll go out to Jewell’s on Thursday.  Next Saturday is Mrs. Jewell’s birthday, and I don’t know what to get her.

Say, we sure had a swell supper tonite at 10:30.  Fried chicken and banana nut ice cream.  Of course we’re having either chicken and fish most of the time now.

Sure wish I could lose a little more weight. I only eat at 10:50 and 3-but golly, coffee and toast isn’t a meal.

Bet in my last letter-when I told you about the weather in Seattle.  I have you all mixed up.  You probably know more about it than I do.  Have you ever been there-or just flown over?  I’m taking a couple of suits, my green coat, and some dresses.  You won’t forget your swim trunks will you?  I’m not buying a new swim suit so you’ll have to suffer my old one.  Wish we could go swimming in Lake Washington.

Swimsuits from the 1946 Montgomery Ward Summer catalog.  The bikini was first introduced in 1946, but wasn't mainstream until the 1960s.

Swimsuits from the 1946 Montgomery Ward Summer catalog. The bikini was first introduced in 1946, but wasn’t mainstream until the 1960s.


1947 swimsuit ad.  Image courtesy of Paul Mason.

1947 swimsuit ad. Image courtesy of Paul Mason.

Got a letter from Frank today.  It was sent out home.  Maybe he thought I was on my vacation.  All the time now he talks about how I’ll probably be married-but I shall fool him.  Bet (hope) I stay single for two more years.  He said I still had a date to go motorcycling with him but he’d be sure to get me home in time to cook for supper.  I’ll go riding with him any time.  Married or not.

I haven’t heard from that kid again.  Guess maybe I scared him out.  That’ll teach strange men to write to me.  Remember how Maureen told you how odd I was?  I’m not very, am I?

Did you know we have a Carnival in town?  Any way, somebody said we did.  It’s out by the Boise Barracks.  Shall I take it in?  Maybe I’ll even run away and join it.

I’ll close for a while and see about getting some coffee.  Write to me-



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