Snowy Week Ahead

The weather in the northern United States is supposed to rather annoyingly bad this week, or so all of the meteorologists keep harping.  The impending bad weather makes me think of those folks who live in permanent snow, with wind chills in the negatives, and snow piling up to create several feet.  These thoughts inspired the search for those who willingly spent their time outdoors in the frigid weather.  Alaskan Iditarod teams.

'Mush on, you huskies!' c. 1900-1930.  Image courtesy of the Library of Congress.

‘Mush on, you huskies!’ c. 1900-1930. Image courtesy of the Library of Congress.

We still have a month or so until the Iditarod officially starts; however, back in the day, this was how people traveled over Alaska. You can see in the far left corner of the image, the fellows posing have their snow shoes ready, as well.  With several feet of snow on the Alaskan frontier, snowshoes kept the wearer from sinking too deep, and expending extra energy trying to walk a few feet.

The landscape in this photo is beautiful, with the snow capped mountains rising from the lake in the background, with the lead dog ready to go!

If you happen to live in a snowy area, or are bracing for the bad weather across the Northern part of the United States, be safe and enjoy the snow!


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