Sweater Weather in July

It has been a good while since I’ve transcribed a letter from Clarese and Chuck.  We left off with them in early July,  and Clarese went to the circus with an old flame.  She’s so excited about the prospect of Chuck driving a car from Indiana to Idaho.  Her excitement can’t be contained in this letter also!

July 6

Dearest Chuck:

I told you I’d get a letter today, but I never expected two of them.  I’ve just finished rereading them again.  Sure chokes me up inside.  Guess you do think a lot of me huh!

Golly, Jenny was sure excited tonite. Wes called her from Chicago.  He’ll be home by the middle of next week.  We talked and talked.  Sometimes I almost like that girl.  What do you think of the idea of us maybe going to Seattle with them?  We’ll know a lot more about it in August.  I’m getting so excited.  Just about four more weeks till my vacation.  Even less.

Have you been looking at your map to see what route you’d come if you brought Bill’s car from Indianapolis to – shoot forgot – but you’ll probably go through Toledo.  Isn’t that where yo wanted to visit a bit? Oh golly, how I’m dreaming about being up at Nina and Joe’s [in Seattle].  Bet we have a perfect time.  I just love Seattle.  So many sights to see and they love to go sight seeing.  Have you any idea what kind of wheather it will be?  Oh shall I tell you.  Well it will just kinda be getting fall.  Cold enough for some suits and sweaters yet sometimes warm enough with out.  And I don’t mean without clothes…Remember I do want to see your suit and overcoat.  Bet you’ve got the cutest figure in a sweater!  Oh, pardon me. Did you know most of the clothes I’ll be taking will be new to you.  Now I may be you the impression its awfully cold up there.  Yet people looked at us awfully funny because we wore dresses only-no coats.  Sometimes it was a little cold.

Sounds like Louis did turn his ankle pretty bad.  Ask him if he needs a private nurse.  I’ll be glad to offer my services-of course he needn’t know most of my attention wouldn’t be centered on him.

What magazine’s do you take at home, Dolly? Is the “True” mag. one of them?  Even if they are for men, I sure like the stories.  Have read every bit of all we have at home.  Did so the other nite when I couldn’t sleep.

True Magazine, "The Man's Magazine."  This cover is from the July 1946 issue.

True Magazine, “The Man’s Magazine.” This cover is from the July 1946 issue.

We really had exciting times here tonite [at the hospital].  The light above the pharmacy window-where our robberies occurred – went off and when they finally got it back on- it wasn’t burned out.  Nothing developed from that tho.   And then the elevator that takes OB patients up to the delivery room broke down and they had a woman to go up inside.  But they got it fixed and made it in time.  That was all that happened but enough to throw everyone off.

Guess I better start feeding my babies.  Don’t want them to start hollering.  I have 21 kids and three are small babies.

Be seeing you later (In my dreams)




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