Richmond Bread Riot & Pumpkin Carving

Hey everyone!

I’ve written another post on the Richmond Bread Riot for the Emerging Civil War, and it’s up today!  It’s a two-part post, so make sure to check back on their site tomorrow at 1 to see the second half.

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Enough shameless plugging, and onto something fun:

Image courtesy of the Library of Congress, c. 1917.

Image courtesy of the Library of Congress, c. 1917.


These boys are carving jack-o-lanterns, c. 1917.  I love how cute the pumpkins are, as well as how the boys are totally posing for the picture.  Look at their clothing- it’s on the chillier side, as they’re all wearing hose under their lightweight knickers.  Notice in the background that there’s no step from the doorway to the front porch!


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  1. brenda zilonka

    Enjoyed your article, and your style of writing. It is always interesting reading about the “behind the scene” situations that happened during the war, but were very rarely mentioned in the history books. Hope your brought back to write more articles.

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