Double Take

Because I’ve again been slacking on this whole blogging thing, I’m reposting Meg Eastman’s post on daguerrotypes and collection digitization. Meg is the Digital Collections Manager at the Virginia Historical Society.

I have exciting news for this upcoming Thursday, so be sure to check Blue Ridge Vintage then!

Virginia Museum of History & Culture's Blog

During my nearly eight years at the VHS, I’ve had many instances where I’ve needed to stop and do a double take.

We need you to photograph a small pox scab.

Wait. What?

Those bears are on leashes.

Wait. What is going on there?

J. E. B. Stuart signed his pants.

Wait. Really? [not really, but someone signed them for him]

When I digitized a set of daguerreotypes this summer I made that familiar pause again.

Wait. Didn’t I just see this image?

It turns out that the two daguerreotypes of Lucy Goode Tucker Chambers that I was holding were mirror images of one another. It took me a while to determine what was going on. I compared the ribbon on her bonnet, the swag of her watch chain, and even the book on which she rests her elbow. Did she just shift her weight to the other side, or…

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September 23, 2014 · 3:09 pm

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