Music Flashback

Yesterday, my favorite artist released a pre-order of his new album, which comes out in October.  Me, with my love of vintage media, snagged one of the 2k vinyls for sale.  And in honor of this musical loveliness, I looked into some old songs through the Library of Congress.billy murray

Here is one of the many catchy songs available to researchers.  Sung by Billy Murray (1877-1954), it was just the type of music to be played in a club because of the ease of which you could dance to it.  Numerous dances were created as a result of the changes in music, with many variations to match the styles of the time.  The song above is characterized as a Ragtime, and people would dance a foxtrot to its rhythm.  Murray had a very prolific career, recording over 400 songs in the first half of the 20th century.  In the very early years of recording, he recorded most notably for Edison and Victor, two competitors in the growing phonograph market.

*Just as a side note, I had originally embedded players from the LOC onto this site, but they weren’t showing up when I tried to preview, so I apologize for the unnecessary windows!


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