Repurposing, Restoring, & Reinventing Vintage

Wow. I’ve taken a very long hiatus.  Other things became way more important, and I decided to take a step back to focus and prioritize.  But I’m back, and with a lot more content!

While at the beach a month ago (I’m already counting down the days until next year), I stumbled upon the ‘Seagreen Gallery‘ at MP 10.5 on Virginia Dare Trail (and right beside my favorite froyo place of all time- Surfin Spoon).  This gallery is totally dedicated to reusing and recycling bits and pieces here and there, as well as all things vintage.



Image courtesy of Seagreen Gallery

They coin their store ‘a pack rat’s dream, or a nightmare if you’re trying to break the habit of saving everything for “someday”.’  This, of course, was bad news for me, as I absolutely love stores like this.  I think I spent the better part of two hours in there, and it’s not that big!  And luckily for my bank account, I only bought a few things, all of which you’ll eventually see featured on this site.

One of the coolest things about this store was their ability to reinvent really cool items out of a small scrap of nothing.  They made broaches out of stamps, lawn art out of scrap metal, frames out of weathered wood, even drinking glasses out of old bottles.


There was no aspect left unturned:  flowers made of maps and zippers, mirrors made of buttons and sea glass, paintings and custom wall hangings made of license plates, as well as rugs, farm implements, and all things nautical.


They even have a beautiful flower garden in back, filled with little found material sculptures, old buoys, and little odds and ends, creating this environment where chaos meets calm serenity.


I’m still so impressed at how they created such an amazing atmosphere, mixing antiques with re-purposed and re-used materials.  If you’re ever in the Outer Banks, this gallery and the yogurt place beside it are a must!




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