On and on I rattle and say nothing important

July 5

Dearest Chuck:

I have just fed my little baby so now I shall write to my big baby.  I haven’t heard from you for so long.  I’m beginning to wonder what’s up but I shall know by tomorrow-surely I’ll get a letter.

Bet you sure have laughed at my last two letters.  I wish I knew what I thought of the idea.  Mrs. Jewell hasn’t heard from those people yet and I haven’t heard from you.

Did I tell you about my wanting to come meet you part way?  It would almost be impossible I guess to try it but I can dream can’t I?  Maybe I could go as far as Jerome and could stay with Mrs. Jewell’s sister until you come.  I would like to go down there for a day or two.  In case you don’t know where Jerome is, it’s in Southern Idaho.  Golly, I don’t even know when you’re coming.  Do wish you’d give me more of an idea whats going on.  How long are you going to stay?  How near finished with your lessons are you?  Seems like English is all you worry about.  What happened to the rest?

Haven’t mailed a letter since Tuesday, have I?  I sure haven’t been in the mood for writing lately-and I don’t have much time on nites any more with so many kids.

Wednesday evening, Lee, Jenny and I went down and played tennis for a couple of hours.  Talk about working up a sweat.  Afterwards Lee and I got on our bikes and rode down to Murray’s for a Sunday.  Shorts and all.  Bet we attracted all sorts of attention, huh!

Guess Lee and I aren’t going up to see Maureen.  She didn’t tell either of us anything and has not written.   Mom said the other day that some of our friends from northern Idaho -several carloads are coming down to McCall one of these days for a big all-day picnic, so Mom and I are going up to meet them.  Probably in a couple of Sundays.  Should be fun.

Guess there was really a lot doing up there on the fourth.  Wish we could go up there.  Sure wish my vacation was two months.

On and on I rattle and say nothing important.  Bet our letters will be interesting after our vacation.

I’ve just been up and had some coffee.  Now I can stay awake until morning.  I want to wash my hair and put it up in the morning.  Hope it gets dry by afternoon.

Did I tell you Dr. Burton was offering two $25 prizes to the two best thesis’ on Orthopedic nursing?  It has to be in by August 1, so I guess I’d better get started.  Don’t know where I’ll get the info tho because Laura played a dirty trick.  She took all the orthopedic reference books home wither her on her vacation.  That I call dirty.  Guess she’s trying hard to win.  We have to write 2,500 words.  Gee, $25 would buy my ticket to Seattle and back.  Maybe I’d better work.

Wednesday nite I had off.  Took an overnight, and Jack (an old flame of 4 years) and I went to the 101 Ranch Rodeo and circus.  Not bad at all.  Lots of horses, women-roping, and acrobats.  Really slick, but you sure could tell OB6 was off.  $1.20 to get in, $1.20 for seats, 25 cents to see last four acts of show and 35 cents for side shows.  Really gyp joint, yet not bad.


Afterwards we went to the Chesapeake for some delicious T-Bones.  Honest to goodness 1/2 inches thick.  I made it home and was in bed by 1-couldn’t go to sleep and when I did, I woke up at 4:30.  I was so hungry, so I got up and fixed me something to eat.  Went in the front room and read until 6-went back to bed and was back up at 6:30.  Stayed up until 8 helping Grandma bake pies and reading.  Slept from 8-2:30.  Guess next month I’ll sleep all day while you go out then when you’re asleep, I’ll be going my strongest.  Maybe I’ll soon get out of this backward habit.

We went up to Connie & Margaret’s for a big picnic lunch in the backyard.  Some of her people came too.  Had lots of ice cream, ham, fried chicken, ice tea, hot rolls and pie and salads.  Anyway, two kitchen tables were loaded for 17 of us and we ate it all, plus about 2 1/2 gallons of ice cream. Guess that brings me up to date.  Golly here it is the fourth and we expected to really have a lot of emergencies.  Haven’t had any since 945 and it’s almost 5.  I’m knocking on wood too.  Can’t you hear me?

Dolly, would you mind kissing me right now?  I just want to remember.  Your kisses are so heavenly.  I won’t pretend I haven’t been kissed since you left-course I have.  But oh how disgusting and slobbery.  I hope things turn our right for us.  Sometimes I get kinda worried.  Right now my heart’s all tight.  Feels like I’m choking.  Always gets that way when I get to thinking.

Mom-she’s not feeling so good.  Dr. says she has something wrong with her gall bladder and should have an operation.  He won’t say what for sure and mom won’t give in.  She’s applied for a change of jobs-upstairs in the little girls dresses.  Should be a little easier for her.  Maybe a raise in wages too.  I don’t know.

Sure a lot of people want us to come see them that I know of and we want to see a few.  Take over a month I betcha.  Aunt Caroline, Jewells, Roy and Bud, Hazel Shiepes, Charles, Margaret and Connie, Nina and Joe, you’ll want to see Mim and Mr. Frank.  Golly, who knows who else.

Say, did I tell you about another skeme?  Jenny and Wes are going over to the coast, they think, to take grandmother home to Seattle.  Go over by Portland and up the coast.  On the way back, they’ll stop at Spokane.  They want to make the trip in about 2-3 days.  Do you think that would be fun to go along with them?  Oh I’ve all sorts of angles up my sleeves.  Wish I’d hear from you.

Be seeing you in my dreams shortly.



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