Couple of Hot Cokes under her Belt

July 2

Dearest Chuck:

How are you this morning?  Gonna get up pretty soon or lay in bed all day?  Now, you do whichever you want I don’t care.

Got a few minutes before I feed my babies.  I’m sorry I haven’t written the last couple of days but I haven’t much felt like it.  Which reminds me-I haven’t heard from you for several days.  Wonder what you’re doing.

I’m really about to roast.  I’m so awfully glad I’ve got nites another month.  Days are awfully hot.  Not much help.  Its not so bad at nite the babies at least sleep.  I had 23 last nite and 22 tonite.  Just think-won’t be but this whole month before you’ll be here.

Bet my last letter was rather confusing, all about driving a car out here you don’t even know about.  Mrs. Jewell has some relation back in Indianapolis who came out not long ago.  Drove out in a 1941 Ford-they were going to sell the Ford to Billie but they decided they had so much fun driving out that they woudl keep the car and drive back also.  They said they might sell later.



So Mrs. Jewell is going to write and ask if they’re willing to sell the last of July.  Then maybe you would pick the car up and drive out.  They’d pay expenses and I’ll ’bout make it worth your time.  Mrs. Jewell suggested I go part way back and meet you.  Sounds good to me.  Now see how broad minded she is? and grandma was aghast when I told her!  Maybe I could go down to the travel bureau and see who was going back east.  Maybe I could meet you somewhere.  Or even go as far as Jerome and stay with Mrs. Jewell’s sister until you come.  When are you coming?  Well, that’s kinda undecided isn’t it.  I rather hope so, I kinda hope you can drive out.  Maybe you’ve an idea how long you’re going to stay?  Till after my birthday at least.  Wonder how soon you will have to go back.

I was getting in a rut but now I’ve had a couple of hot cokes under my belt so I’ll try to do better.

Saturday nite, I did the usual thing-went home and put mom’s hair up.  Do you remember the green casual dress mom wore last winter?  Well-she’s decided its too small for her, so of course I fall heir to it.  It’s beautiful material and needs only a few alterations.   Sunday went home for dinner.  Guess my relations left early yesterday morning.  Bout time.  Those two kids would drive anyone wild.  Last nite I went out to Conn and Wanda’s.  We were going riding but one those storms came up.  Talk about thunder and lightening.  Conn and I went outside and swung in the hammock and watched it.  Was out about an hour.  Want to come swing with me sometime?

Golly, I’m so sleepy I can’t keep my eyes open.

All my love to you-




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