Happy Canada Day!

Image courtesy of the Library of Congress.

Image courtesy of the Library of Congress.


Known as ‘Canada’s birthday,’  July 1st is often celebrated like the United States’ Independence Day on July 4.  The British North America Act of 1867, enacted on July 1, 1867, consolidated the British North American holdings of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and the Province of Canada into a single entity (Later, the province of Canada was split into Quebec and Ontario).  Still a part of the Commonwealth of the United Kingdom, Canada has it’s own governmental system with its own Prime Minister and its own Constitution.

Today, Canada Day is a day for fireworks, music, and cookouts, but it wasn’t always like this.  Celebrations for Canada Day didn’t solidify until 1917 on Canada’s 50th anniversary.  Fireworks, now a Canada Day staple, were first seen in 1981.

So, whether you’re Canadian or not, enjoy a brewski, light off some fireworks, and say ‘Yay Canada!’


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  1. Zedwebb

    I work with Canadians so during this week not a lot is done since the are off on the first part of the week and we Americans are off the end of the week.

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