Ranch Romances and 1940 Fords

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve visited with Clarese.  Totally my fault, but she’s back with another fascinating look at life in 1946, in Boise, Idaho.

June 29
Sat. morn0445

Dearest Chuck:

How are you this morning?  Do you reckon your thinking about getting up?  Well, maybe not.  I’ll give you another hour.    See, in 3 more hours, I’ll be going to bed.  And will I dream.

Lets see, what have I done since I wrote you last nite?  Told you I was going to get a coke and read a while, didn’t I?  Sure, did just that and read two stories in “Ranch Romances.”  Such trash, but I hate to start a book.  I borrowed two from Conn and Wanda not long ago.  Have read one and have the other to go.  Went to bed about 1:30 and finally talked myself to sleep.  Woke up around 5:30 and just couldn’t go back to sleep.  So at six I went upstairs and fixed me some breakfast.  I must have been hungry because I had 2 eggs, toast, milk, cereal, and oranges.  Bet I never have breakfast at that time again.  Went back to bed and couldn’t go to sleep.  Sure was a job staying in bed.  Finally went back to sleep around 8:30 and woke up at 10:30.  But that’s where I foxed myself.  I went back to sleep.  Woke up at 2:30 and rolled out.

Did something today I’ve been wanting to for a long time.  Went out to Jewells.  Went down town first, of course.  Met Mrs. Jewells brother and his family so I went to Meridian with them.  We had to take a big detour getting there because the road between here and Meridian was all torn up.  They’re building a four lane highway.  Things sure happen in Meridian.  Three of the big fruit warehouses burned down last week.

Well- my babies are crying so I’ll finish this later.

I’ve feed them, got all of my work done and now off at 6:30.  I’m writing again.  Haven’t you rolled out yet?  Bet your down at the store too.  Well, I’ll see you soon.

Now back to Jewells.  Bill, their other son, is home. Jim and Shirley are living with them but Jim was in Arizona.  After melons I guess.  Anyway, we had a nice dinner and sat around gossiping.  Bill and I go in the car and went around to see some of the kids we used to go to school with.

Changing the subject a bit: how would you like to drive a car out here?  Risk it up in Indianapolis?  1940 Ford 5 passenger.  Billy Jewell may buy one from some friends back there and he wants someone to drive it out.

1940 Ford-01-02

Sure wish I could come meet you and we could come out together.  Mrs. Jewell suggested it would be fun!  They’ll pay your expenses, etc.  I’ll tell you more about it and see what you think.  You may not even want to drive it out and they may not want to see it after all.  I told Jewells you’d want to visit along the way.  They said that would be all right.  Sounds good to me but it probably won’t turn out.

Not much else happened.  Got back to Boise around 8:30, so went down to McCalls and met Conn and Wanda and some nurses.  Gabbed for a while, then I washed my nylons out last nite.  I have three pairs now, and two pairs of white nylons.  I right fixed up good now.

Yesterday C.C.’s had red silk hose for sale.  $3.75 a pair. Guess I don’t need any that bad.  Can’t think of much more and this is getting sloppy.

Nite now-



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