Cherry festivals, horse shows, and a bit of cheekiness

June 28

Dear Chuck:

Anyway its awful early in the morning 12:30 to be exact and I’ll soon  be ready to go to bed.  Does that sound confoozing.  Well, tonite is my long nite and I’ll be out-took a late permission and have come home, put my hair up and now my most pleasant job of the evening before I go to bed!

Back to my phone no.  If your willing to go through that again, you must really be in love.  Must have been quite amusing.  Now I kinda understand why you hated to meet Maureen and talk to her.  Many is the time you’ve made use of that no.  Wish old times were here again.  Dear old Gowan field would still be going full blast and the Y Dances.  Sure is lonely to walk down the street and see no body.

Image courtesy of Idaho Military Museum.

Image courtesy of Idaho Military Museum.


I haven’t been up to see Maureen yet, but I rather know I’ll be on nites again next month so if I can get a Saturday off-Lee and I can go up early that morning (0800) and came back Sun after noon).  I could sleep on the way up and down.  If possible-but you know the beautiful scenery on the way to McCall.

Why do I feel sorry for Maureen?  Well I don’t know exactly except she’s very nice looking and I think and dresses nice.  If only she wasn’t so fat.  You should see her thighs.  They’re immense.  But I still like her.  I’ve known her almost five years now.  Bet she’s having a swell time on her vacation.

So many things are being to happen here in the valley this summer.  This week it is the cherry festival.  First one in five years and its really beautiful.  Just as cherries are being picked.  Almost like the fair an there is big parades and carnivals horse shows and lots of exhibits and of course crowning of the queen.   Next week we’re also having a horse show.  Cow ponies up to schooled horses.  I supposed to get to go but if I’m on nites and they change their system of nites off, I probably won’t be able to go.  Sure would like too tho.  I have a strange feeling I won’t get any good nites off tho.  ‘specially Saturday nites.  Seems like thats when every thing happens.

I guess it was an unfair question to ask you how your folks felt about me.  How could they know; they’ve never seen me.  Do they approve of your coming out here this summer?  Why does Maxine thing I’m ‘just it.’  Well at least I have one friend.  As for how you rate.  I think you know where you stand.  Mom loves anybody I do and besides she thinks you’re nice.  Grandma things you’re nice-but I’m too young.  I told you not long ago how grandpa felt about me so he’ll probably continue to be cold to you but it doesn’t bother me any more.  Margaret likes you, so do the kids and Nina likes you real well.  She thinks you’re real cute but when she says that she really likes you.

So you don’t know this fella I spoke of.  Well, I wrote him a very reserved letter.  Don’t worry, nothing will go that far that I’ll hve two men here on my vacation.  Do I look that dumb?  Really.  I’ll save him for later!  Seriously, tho.  It won’t go very far at all but can you blame me for being curious enough to write?  You don’t have to worry about your interests.

Last nite we saw some more of those ghastly pictures.  All about twins, etc.  We sat through 1.5 hours of it.  When she started to show more and asked us if we wanted to see more, I rather loudly voiced my no. Well, that did it.  After it was over with, she called me up on the carpet and I rather got told off.  She even asked me if the work was too hard and I wanted to get out of training.  Of course I didn’t but I guess I’d better watch my step, huh!

Went down for another hamburg again last nite  Sure do like them when I have french fries, that and a dish of ice cream.  I got up around five and went down to supper.  Guess maybe its the first time this month, I’ve been over.  I’m afraid meals are even going to get worse.  Haven’t seen any meat for days.   After supper, came home, read a few cowboy stories, and fixed my nails.  Boy if I don’t watch out, they’re going to finally get long.  About 8, Lay (my relation from California-they’re staying until the 4th) and I went down to the show.  ‘Cluny Brown:’ it was quite odd and cute.  I enjoyed it altho I wouldn’t want to see it again.

Afterwards I had my beloved hamburg and ice cream.  Have to lay off the coffee a little.  Mom says 6-8 cups a day is too much for anybody.

It’s 1:15 now and I’m awfully sleepy (didn’t think I would be).  Guess I’ll go sleep down stairs, more quiet.  Maybe get me a Coke and read a little bit.  See you in my dreams.

Love Clarese


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