Pastimes and Foolishness, 1946

June 23, 1946
Sun Morn.

Dearest Chuck:
Bet I get lost on this paper trying to find my way back and forth.

I have never seen such a quite nite.  Guess maybe I got used to those 23 and when we only have 16 it is quiet.  Nobody went to surgery or anything today.  I have helped with four emergencies.  And since this is Saturday nite, all of them had liquor on their breaths.  All of which reminds me, will your rations book be good still, or do you have it any more?  Gee, if I remember right you had two or three.  Am I correct?  Anyway, can we afford a bottle while you’re out here?  Maybe we can use Aunt Coraline’s book or something.  I sound pretty hard up for a drink, don’t I?  Well it’s been 4 and a half months without my man for a drink and besides I bought me a new dress so he could take me out.  Say, I’m drinking a bottle of coke right now.  Have you something to spike it with?  Want to know how I got it?  Boy our nite supervisor couldn’t be better.  She brought me up a bottle from the machine downstairs.  All iced and ready to drink.  Now anybody else wouldn’t allow us to drink them on duty let alone here at the chart desk.  Gee she even came with us to that picnic the other nite.

Didn’t I tell you last nite that i had a writing jag on?  well I sure have.  This is my ninth letter in two days.  And not any of them short either.  All five and six pages.  I wrote two thursday nite, four Friday nite, and two last nite.

I did tell you I got Flays graduation picture, didn’t I?  Say bet we could have a lot of fun going out there together to see Flay and Bud.  Wonder if they’ll have enough room to put us up.  Marriage does have its advantages, doesn’t it?  Well, anyway, I wrote her a nice long letter last nite and also to that kid I asked if you if you knew.  I’m a very curious sort of person.  DReally my letter was quite reserved tho. I didn’t tell him anything about myself.  You are broadminded enough not to get jealous, aren’t you Dolly.  If I thought it made you jealous I wouldn’t tell you half what I do but then I wouldn’t like that becasue I want you to know about everything I do.  Does that sound like school girl devotion?  well that’s the way I feel about it.

Dear old Johnny here goes out all the time now.  Has a nasty habit of drinking too much beer and she hasn’t told Wes at all and he’s starting home next week.  Lally is on her vacation now too.

Didn’t I tell you friday nite about the nasty weather?  Boy was it hot working that nite.  Never went below 65 all nite-the sweat just ran off me.  That was the nite the kids were awfully restless, too.

When I went to bed yesterday morning it was still awfully hot and was thundering out so I decided to sleep a lot that day.  Believe me I did.  I woke up several times during the day, but went back to sleep.  Slept from 8am til 7pm.  I didn’t regret it because it was still cloudy.

I took another good shower and washed my hair.  I’ve just got to change my hair styles.  So I know have a little pomp in front for a while.  Didn’t put the back of my hair up because I had to go to work so I shall sleep on my curlers tomorrow (Sunday).

Pompadours, 1946.

Pompadours, 1946.


My work is done for a little bit and I’ve been upstairs for toast and coffee.  Guess you know I drink around 6-7 cups a nite now.  Wonder where I got that habit.  Hope I can make good coffee when the time comes.

I was going to lay me another blanket away up at “Mode’s” the other day, but mom said not to get too excited.  Prices should go down some time too.  Guess I don’t pay enough attention to those things.  Saw a beautiful mantel clock yesterday.  But again mom said not to get excited.  It was like an airplane.  That’s why I got so excited.  I admit it wasn’t made too awfully good.  But it was awfully cute.

You know why grandpa is so cold with me?  Seems so odd.  Finally mom tells me why he has never liked me or anything associated with me.  He picks on my cause he hates my dad so.  Mom said he never could stand him.  So from now on-he doesn’t bother me at all.  I thought it was because he didn’t feel good.  I’ve read of such things and thought how silly-maybe some day he’ll like me, but after 19 years, I doubt it.  Don’t feel bad if he’s a little cold to you.  Wonder what your folks think of me.  You never say anything.  Do they think like your grandmother?  Too bad I’m not Syrian.  I know all my family like you an awful lot.

Maybe I’m getting a little morbid, but I’ve about run out of anything to say now.  Should I close and sen my love or wait a little while?


Here Clarese plays some sort of game with the rest of the page:


Now such a passtime and such foolishness. nite watch man just went by and said to tell you “I still love you.”

I have about written Nina and Joe a letter.


Hours later.  Sunday afternoon.  I’m almost ready to go home.  It is raining and the wind is blowing.

Bye my love



Do you love  me, Do you love me, Do you love me, Do you love me.  Do you love me?


June 24

Dearest Chuck:

Well, since yesterday was Sunday, I didn’t mail the letter I wrote Saturday nite.  I’ll add this page to it and get it off in the mail this morning.

Gee I just now took a look-see at my finger nails and they might not be bad looking by my vacation.  Some are really quite long and quite nice looking.

What a morning yesterday morning was.  You know I washed my hair Sat nite before I went on duty and when I got off yesterday I had to fix it.  SO that made me late getting to bed and then I got downstairs the girl I sleep with and I talked till after 10 so I got up at 4 went out home.  Mom wanted to make my new taffeta skirt.  She had it all done but putting in the zipper by the time I got there.

Wasn’t much use of me going out.  She took off for Caldwell.  Will have to come with Charles when he got off work.  You know Monday nite is always the nite he takes mom out to dinner, so I think I shall happen down town about the time the store closes tomorrow.

Love Clarese

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3 responses to “Pastimes and Foolishness, 1946

  1. LOL, I can’t help feeling bad for Clarese. At least she had a good supervisor at work. I know all too well how much difference that can make.
    Have a thriving Thursday,

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