Lux Soap Flakes

lux 1917

Lux Soap Flakes, 1917.

In the days before washing machines, women washed their clothing using soap flakes cut off in chunks from the soap they made themselves out of lye and cooking grease waste.  The Lever Brothers, now Unilever, created Lux soap flakes in 1899, saving women both time and their hands (I’ve always heard lye was hard on the skin…).  Lever Brothers began importing Lux into the United States in 1906, and one year later set up a factory in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  In 1915, the Lever Brothers payed J. Walter Thompson to front a massive advertising campaign to market Lux to American women.  Unilever continued to make and market Lux soap flakes until 2001.  Dri-Pak, Ltd., an English company, is the only company that continues to manufacture and market soap flakes throughout the world.




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