Picnics by the River

June 20
Thurs Eve

Dearest Chuck:

You’re second on my list tonite because I wrote Frank first, yet I guess you rate more since he only gets a letter or two a month.

What did you do last nite and the nite before?  Last nite I broke away from the same old routine.  No kids for me.  Went down town shopping.  Had my suit skirt (the one you’ve never seen) refitted and altered.  Got to show my figure a little more you know.  And I got my new dress out-had to have it altered as usual.  Went home with mom for supper.  Who should be there but an aunt and uncle from California with their kids.  Boy were they a noisy bunch.  Seems like all our relatives are that way but Connie and Margaret.

Put mom’s hair up.  Boy, I’m getting to be quite good at it.  When I combed it out today it almost looked beautiful.  Wish I could do the same with my own.

After supper last nite, Lee and I went to the show. We saw ‘One more tomorrow,’ I think.

one more tomorrow

Since last nite was my long nite, I took a late permission.  Went into McCalls afterwards.  Me thinks me has a coffee habit.  Wonder where I got that at.  Only hope I can make good coffee when the time comes.

1946 coffee ad.

1946 coffee ad.

Lee has officially decided what to do concerning her and Johnnie.  She was to go back in October for a two weeks visit and then try to decide.  I think its a wonderful idea.  Of course, Johnnie thinks she’s coming to marry him but he’ll find out different.

Came home and put up my hair last nite.  Talked to Maureen for a while.  I sure pity her.  Maybe I shouldn’t.  Anyway, I went to bed at 2 and slept till 3 this afternoon.  How’s that for the sleep of the dead.

All the present nite nurses went on a picnic this evening.  You wouldn’t think a bunch of girls could have so much fun. But we did.  Went down by the river.  Talk about food to eat.  Had more fun roasting wieners.  Took some pictures and I’ll send you some.  Say, did you know I got two more rolls of film yesterday?  That makes me three now.  Going to have more this summer too.

Almost laid me another blanket away today.  But mom says not to get to excited-things should be lower in a little while.  Lee put a blanket and a beautiful bedspread on layaway.  But she’s closer to marriage than I am.

Well, it’s twenty till 11 so I guess I’d better get ready.  Have heard I have 30 kids and I’ve kinda been dreading going on.  Most I’ve ever had is 21.

Pardon this being written in such a hurry but I was thinking of you and had to write.  Be seeing you soon.



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