A question of time well spent


Over the past week, I’ve put in countless hours into coaching volleyball, working in downtown Roanoke’s history museum, and reading for pleasure.  While I thrive on being busy, with little time to spare, this past week I hit a breaking point.  I craved the 9-5 job mentality, being able to come home and do whatever I wanted from 530 until bedtime (which was mainly just be lazy).  And because of this, I’ve neglected everything besides sustenance and books.  Of course, working in the history museum has given me so many different inspirations for posts, but once I step foot in my house, all of those inspirations and aspirations for completing several posts are forgotten.

And of course, what little time I had last week to actually write (which I chose to squander by losing myself in someone else’s life) is now falling through my hands, just as sand slides through an hourglass.   Professionally, things are picking up.  I’ll be finishing up 2 contracts, while accepting a third in Farmville.  My travel volleyball season is now over, but the school season is just beginning. The next month will be split between Roanoke, Blacksburg, Farmville, Raleigh, and Morehead City, North Carolina.  While trying to make a career of being a freelance museums collections manager/registrar, as well as act as a role model for Roanoke’s youth, am I compromising my chance for relaxation, my aspirations for a small business in wedding dress preservation, and my hobby to continue historical research, if only for my own knowledge?

I’ve taken out my frustrations at volleyball, forgotten all of my own problems, if only fleetingly, by sucking myself into a character’s problems,  and currently want nothing more than an endless cup of coffee and a vacation from reality.  And while I think the ‘break’ last week has been great for me,  I can’t help but think, am I letting myself down by attempting to stick with what I love, giving up all of my free time focusing on what’s coming next, instead of getting a job in something I have no interest in and become miserable as a result?

Now that I’ve unloaded all of my burdens above, I wanted to thank you all for your continued reading of the blog, and I will try to improve upon the irregularity of my posts!  I’m sure they will be just as sporadic in the coming weeks and months, but perhaps I’ll get my butt into gear and stop writing posts as sad as this one!



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2 responses to “A question of time well spent

  1. Never choose misery, Ashley. 🙂
    You’ll get through this. It might not seem like it, but you will.

  2. Sometimes you just need to say how you feel. 🙂

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