I’m afraid he has it bad

June 18
Tuesday Eve

Dearest Chuck:

I’m starting this tonite before I go on duty.  I’m not hungry.  I had a date tonite.  Oh, I manage to have one once in a while.  Went to the show-saw a musical, then I had a big bowl of chop suey.  I haven’t had any for so long and it sure tasted good.  We had planned on having some last Friday nite.  Instead we went out to that dorm club.  You and I never did have any chop suey, did we.  Or go walking through the park.  That’s what I did last nite.  Cliff came up and we went walking and talking.  I don’t really believe I could care very much about him.  I’m afraid he has it bad tho.  And I hate to see anyone hurt.  I do suppose I’ll go out with him some, altho he said he didn’t want to see me very much.  Your on top of my list now, if only I can be sure.  Every time I turn around somebody asks me when your coming back and when we’ll be married.

I had my compact out just now, looking at it.  It’s really cute, isn’t it?  Nobody around here but one has one.  My goes nicely in my purse I got from you.  I’m still wanting a pretty patent leather purse too tho.  Want to know what I bought yesterday?  I bought me some yardage. Black taffeta with red cherries embroidered all over it.  Am going to make a new dirndl skirt out of it!  Mom bought me a new blouse Saturday, too.  Guess I’ve enough clothes for a while.  Now mom and I want to get us a luggage set.  To be conservative guess we could buy each a piece for our birthdays.

Pattern for a dirndl skirt, 1940s.

Pattern for a dirndl skirt, 1940s.


Sunday nite I went home-the kids were down.  Connie remembers to ask about you now.  Guess she knows it pleases me.  Charles was out home too.  Guess he’s not going back to work for a while.

I’m waiting to to talk to the supervisor.  I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong.  I did ask to go back on nites next month and I suspicion that’s what its about.  I like nites best off.  Guess its because I can do what I want.  I told the nite supervisor that and that’s what she said she thought.  But she told me to ask if I could stay next month so I guess she likes me.

I got my tennis racket back Monday so I guess I’ll have to use it and see if I can take some more weight off.  I’m sure weight conscious now.  I’ve come down 3 lbs but can’t get below 123.

Just saw the supervisor and nothing is up.  Seems I’m always seeing one, huh!

Tonight’s my long nite, so I guess I better get to work!

Love Clarese.



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