The American Civil War in the Shenandoah

This past weekend I visited my good friend Dan (along with his wife and a bunch of my other great friends) in Northern Virginia. I’ll spare you the photos, scores of the countless games of cornhole, as well as the amount of food we consumed in one day, but I will say that I got to catch up with some of my best friends from college, all while reminiscing and planning new get-togethers. So much fun.

But I digress.  A Civil War historian, Dan recently co-authored a book on the the Shenandoah Valley Campaign of 1864.  And while I can’t provide an in-depth review of the book as of now, I can guarantee it’s going to be amazing.


Bloody Autumn, by Daniel T. Davis and Phillip S. Greenwalt

Bloody Autumn, by Daniel T. Davis and Phillip S. Greenwalt

And it’s especially amazing if you’re in the Shenandoah area or are going to be in the Shenandoah area in the near future.  So amazing that, in addition to the historical narrative detailing the battle, this book, along with several others in Savas Beatie series, provides four driving tours to accompany the narrative, making it interactive!

Want to get a copy?  Not only can you get it from your local bookstore or amazon, you can also get yourself a digital copy for your e-reader.  How awesome!  Even awesomer-Dan and his co-author will be doing several book signings this summer,  coordinated at park events with the 150th anniversary of certain battles.  Yes, I’m shamelessly plugging his book, but Dan is awesome, and so is his extensive knowledge on Civil War history.

While I personally don’t know too much about Civil War military history beyond what any normal history major would know, I’m really looking forward to reading Dan’s take on this particular battle, in addition to reading any future publications!



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2 responses to “The American Civil War in the Shenandoah

  1. Sue Webb

    I’d like to get a copy of Dan’s book. Let us know when and where he will be doing a book signing and we’ll see if we can attend. Thanks for the great site Ashley!

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