Bradford Bows


Spring has finally sprung here on the western side of Virginia, with the weather warming slightly and flowers beginning to bloom.  There’s one tree in particular that is extremely lovely this time of year, and which can be found all throughout Roanoke: the Bradford Pear.

bradford flower

Bradford Pear flowers at my parents’ house.

The young girl in today’s photograph sort of reminds me of a Bradford Pear tree, not only because of the large white bow placed on the side of her head, but also in the intricate white dress she dons (I always think of spring as crisp and white, not sure why-fresh beginnings, maybe?)



Nothing against her fashion sense, but I would be so worried about crushing this beautifully made bow, and probably even more worried that the wind would make it take flight, as it doesn’t look too securely pinned on the right side of her head (left of the image).  It loosely cups her curls as not to crush them.

Besides her Bradford Pear inspired bow, there’s so much visually going on in this photo.  My eyes are immediately drawn to her facial expression (after the bow, of course).  Her large eyes hint at innocence, and her small smile is alluring, yet demure.  The tilt of her head illustrates her femininity, along with the soft curls underneath her bow.  After her face, the eye is drawn to the dotted pattern on the neckline of her dress, in addition to the flowered lace covering her shoulders, both intensifying her femininity.  The poof in her sleeve suggests either a tapering to a tight fitted arm, starting around the elbow, or short three-quarter sleeves ending at the elbow.  Based solely on her clothes, I’d place this photo somewhere between 1910-1913.

Another little fun thing about this photo is the fingerprint to the right side of the image.  Perhaps the photographer accidentally touched the photo too soon after developing?

Happy spring, everyone!



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