Profound Thoughts, 1906

1906 article


The above article is from the November 21, 1906, Virginia-Pilot, a Norfolk, Virginia, based newspaper.  This article is pretty profound for the day, as water is an essential part of a healthy diet.  I particularly like the descriptiveness of how limestone phosphate will cleanse one’s insides.  As far as my preliminary research can tell, limestone phosphates won’t really hurt the body, and in some cases has been added to drinking water to help balance the alkalinity.  However, I am no water treatment specialist, and I could be totally wrong on both accounts!



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2 responses to “Profound Thoughts, 1906

  1. That really was interesting.

  2. How nice to see an old article from my local Norfolk newspaper! I am wondering what hot phosphated water might taste like…Hmmm…May need to stick with my morning cup of coffee! Really enjoyed this post though!

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