Out on the town, 1946

June 16

Dearest Chuck:

How’s my Dolly this morning?  I’m writing at the bright hour of 4:30.  Wonder what you’re doing.  Dreaming of me?  I’ll soon be dreaming of you.

Guess the last letter I wrote was pretty screwy.  I was just dead tired.  That much I can remember about Thursday was that I had one wonderful meal.  When I was walking home with the intent of a couple of hours of sleep, I met Lee and as usual we went walking.  So I got home in time for work.  I didn’t plan on sleeping very long Friday because that was my long nite.  But when I woke up at 1:30, I was still too tired so I went back to sleep until 4:30.  I got up went down town and got my dress out of the cleaners.

Had planned on going out to Wanda and Connie’s early and do a little riding, but Wanda was too sore from the day before.  So I didn’t go.

My hair sure looked nice when I took it out as well, yesterday (Sat) the waves were coming out.  Guess I’ve just about worn this style out.


Was Clarence going for Rita Hayworth style waves? - Rita in Gilda, 1946.

Was Clarece going for Rita Hayworth style waves? – Rita in ‘Gilda,’ 1946.


Wanda, Connie, and I and several other girls were in McCalls Friday evening before the dance having cakes, when who should walk in but Cliff!  Guess everything is over and forgotten because my heart didn’t do a flip-flop.  We didn’t talk but a second either.  Now if I can only be sure when I see you that its you I love.  I so truly hope so.

We went down to the El Londres but it was miserable.  Had one dancer that was worth dancing with.  Guess I’ll have to teach my guy to dance the way I want to.  How is you dancing coming along?  Have you done anything toward the promises you made me?

Drank part of one coke-hi down there and went out to the Junction Club.  It’s out on the Mountain Home Highway about five miles.  Had two coke-his there.  Six of us went out: 4 girls and can you guess how many boys?  I sat int he back with Connie and another girl.  Was home by 1:15 a.m.  I stayed out with Connie and Wanda.  I was so used to working at that hour that I couldn’t go to sleep for a long time.  We didn’t get up till 11- but I woke up early and read.  Fooled around till afternoon, then went down town for a lemonade.  I went home and got my boots on and went back out.  Cap’t Freeman and I went riding 1 and a half hours.  He wanted to know all about you and when I was getting married-so on.  He once lived in Indiana, too.

Did I tell you about my two new dresses?  I’m sure I did.  If not you’ll soon be here to see them.  It’s been four months yesterday since you left.  Sums years.

Well golly gee, I’m getting sleepy and I have three babies to feed.

Have you decided on how you’re coming out?  Tried any travel bureaus to see if you can drive someone out?  Now remember to be here the 8th but no too much sooner because I want to go out to Meridian and a few other places.  Say, it would be swell if we could go to McCall for a couple of days.  Maybe Charles would have a new car by then and he and mom would go up too.  They were talking about it Thursday.

Well, my babies call.  My desire to be with you if only in a letter is almost stronger than their wails.  Be seeing you soon.

All my love


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