Photographs of the photographer

I’ve always been fascinated by photographs that photograph the photographer.  Back in the day, this was no easy task, as the camera itself needed to be set up, and the lighting and timing figured out, not to mention having to set up two cameras.  I  found the one below of a female photographer in her driving outfit on Pinterest.

driving outfit and camera


This one is extremely fascinating to me, not only because it’s a woman, but because of the handheld style camera.  The focus is on the camera, not the girl, as her eyes behind slightly blurred, and the rest of her facial features hidden.  I wonder if she herself is the photographer, or the photographer’s girlfriend, wife, assistant, etc.

Another draw for me is her outfit.  Her early duster coat has the perfect amount of femininity, unlike other early dusters which were not pinched in at the waist, but free flowing and a dull brown color.  Not only is hers pinched, but it’s striped!  The veil style webbing that surrounds the face while driving is piled high on her hat, making me wonder if she or she and the other photographer had been out and walking around for a while before this photo.  If it was an impromptu sort of photo, her veil would down and surrounding her face.  Another thing I love are her gloves.  I think they’re leather, as I’m unsure of what other material they  might have been made of in the early 19teens.  They’re extremely tight fitting, and show her nail beds as she delicately cups the camera.

On the flipside, it’s always fun to try and think of what the one in the image is photographing, and how that image would have been perceived.



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5 responses to “Photographs of the photographer

  1. Not only is it a cool photo, it’s perfect for Women’s History Month.

  2. LOL, no fail at all — you must have been “tuned in”

  3. This is an absolutely fascinating photograph, and you’ve done a great job of pointing out things that would have normally gone without notice, like the gloves being so thin. Very nice post. I always learn something interesting from you!

    • Thanks! My over-attentiveness to detail can be annoying, but I like that I can point out little things like this in photographs 🙂 So glad you enjoy the blog!

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