They must be out fishing.

I fear I’ve become one of those bloggers.  You know the ones I’m talking about: the ones who post and post and post, and then all of the sudden just drop off the face of the earth, never to blog again.  And you’re waiting for them to update, but they never do.  And then days, and weeks, and months, and sometimes years go by with nothing.  Well, I don’t want to become one of those bloggers.  So therefore, I won’t.  I’m just checking in with a letter from Clarese.  If you need to catch up, two weeks (two weeks??!)  ago, I posted the last letter from Clarese, and as usual, not too much happened with her.  But, I’ll let her do the talking-I’ll just relay it, sixty-eight years later.

June 18

Dearest Chuck:

Now, I’ve got you.  You’ll never guess where I’m writing this.  Remember the nite we went out for steak dinner about 5 in the evening-we met Jim up there.  Well, that’s where I’m at now-at a table over b the windows.  Charles came over, he got out of the hospital yesterday.  He happened to be downtown, so I dragged him along.  Guess what I’m eating.  Charles ordered a double order of prawns for me, but I shall be starved by the time it gets here.  We have been sitting here exactly 55 minutes.  They must be out fishing.

Boy was I happy yesterday.  Got a nine page letter from my guy.  Even after all I’ve talking I did to maybe make him change his mind about coming, he still plans on coming out.  Boy that’s what I call love.  I want you to come and all that but it would be nice to wait.  But you do what you want.

I’m sure thinking of the most pleasant things that will happen the minute you get here.  I’m glad we won’t have to stand in the snow, ’cause my feet get too cold.  Now we can sit on the steps at home.

Did I tell you I went horseback riding Tuesday?  For shame.  I can’t seem to remember what I wrote last.  Yes I do.  Bright and early Tuesday morning.  Well I went out to Wanda’s and Connie’s and Wanda and I rode for about 2 hours.  Their horses aren’t bad at all.

Say, I bet I didn’t tell that you our dinner finally came and I went home.  Went on duty and even got off on time, so here I am-writing to you.  Before I go to bed, too.  Wednesday nite I got some ice cream and rode my bike up to Lee’s.  We sat around and talked and talked.  Mrs. Wimmer is sure swell.  She fixed me a nice meal before I came back: bacon and eggs.  Then we had Sundaes.  Lee rode her bike back up to the hall with me.

You want to know what I did yesterday from 5-6?  Tried on dresses galore.  Found me two I liked.  One is coral pinstriped.  Button down the front and has a little bow at the neck.

I imagine Clarese's coral pinstripe dress similar to the one on the right, with the bow around the neck.

I imagine Clarese’s coral pinstripe dress similar to the one on the right, just with buttons down the front.

The other is really a beauty.  Did you ever see mom’s good black and white dress with a large band of black around the bottom of the jacket and the sleeves?  Well, mine’s similar to it, only it’s green-blue and black, with black ribbon trim.  The skirt is real tight and is split up a little ways on each side.  Boy do I look slick!  I think you’ll one of them.

Did you know we had burglars at the hospital nite before last?  They stole all of our narcotics.  Last nite we had police men patrolling the place.  I’m not scared tho.  If they touch me they don’t know what they’re getting into.

I’m getting awfully sleepy, so will you forgive me if I close now?  I washed my hair and have to put it up.

I sure miss the few evenings I had time to write. Good morning.  I’m sure I’ll see you in my dreams.Love-



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