Busy Little Bee

Yes, I have been noticeably absent for the past several days and the past several posts.  Exciting things have been happening in the world of Ashley, but it’s starting to take a toll on my extra-curriculars!  Here’s what I’ve been up to recently:

  1. Volleyball – and lots of it.  The team I help coach has had (and will be having) several weekend tournaments, which start around 8am (if I don’t have to travel) and end around 6pm (or later in some cases).  Spending your entire weekend yelling at the top of your lungs in a noisy gym at 16 year olds is quite exhausting! Not only are the tournaments time consuming, but there’s also practice twice a week, in addition to all my league games! vballs2
  2. Horses.  I’ve been asked to help out a friend of a friend with her four ponies while the family is on vacation.  While they have yet to head out on vacation, all of the set up and learning about their schedules, feed, and maintenance is time-consuming!  All this in addition to taking care of my own 4 horses!


    My horse, Jamal, in fall 2010.

  3. Museum contracts.  This has been a long time coming, and I was getting super super frustrated with not being able to use my degree besides in a voluntary capacity!  I have been lucky enough to obtain one freelance registrar contract (thanks to a colleague who referred me to Tech) with another at a local history museum in negotiations!  For the first, I’ll be working with Virginia Tech’s Center for the Arts’ curator on a fabulous portrait exhibition: ‘Aspects of the Self: Portraits of Our Times.’  I have to say I’m extremely stoked about this exhibition, as well as being able to work with some very high profile works that have been acquired from museums, galleries, and artists that range from Virginia to New York.
  4. Barnes and Noble.  Luckily, my managers at BN have been super super accommodating with all of the extra baggage that comes with me being their employee.  I’m truly grateful they don’t laugh in my face when I say I can’t be put on the schedule for 2 weeks because of another job!

As you can see, something has to give, and unfortunately blogging was the first thing to suffer.  My volunteering is a close second, along with any and all housework that has to be done!  Good thing the hubs is happy to take on some of the domestic responsibilities!

I will try and update the blog with a few little things here and there, but over the next three weeks while all this things come together, it will be scarce!  Just a warning 🙂



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3 responses to “Busy Little Bee

  1. Thank you for your comment and suggestions on date night for a low to no budget. We will definitely try those sometime – only I am not a cards playing person ;). So it seems you live in Va or close to for being at Tech for a change. Congrats on freelance and curating. Rachel

    • Anytime! Its tough being on a low budget, and I can’t imagine kids to boot. I actually live in Roanoke, so not too far from Tech 🙂 the commute stinks, but I’m not going to give up such a wonderful opportunity because of the commute!

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