Roly Poly or Just Nice

June 11
Tuesday Morn 0310

Dearest Chuck:

Boy, are things slow around here tonite.  I’ve most of my work done already.  I’m getting all excited-only two more months until I see you.

I slept pretty good today but gee I’m sure getting mad at the girl who comes down each day to wake up the other girl who sleeps with me.  They sit down there and talk and there I am, not two feet away, trying to sleep.  Guess they figure 8 hours is enough sleep.  But little do they know that I’m trying to catch up on some sleep I lost last winter too.

I went out home this evening-for supper.  Had a nice venison roast.  My relatives are still here from Tacoma.  They’re the parents of my sailor cousin George.  They’re trying to buy a place down here and come back down here to live. I’ll be glad if they do then when George comes home we can go out together.  Were almost the same age and have always ran around together.  Boy, can he dance!  My other cousins that are here from Tacoma said clothes were a lot cheaper up there.  Guess I’ll wait and buy some when I go there.  I sure do need some new dresses.

Mom and I went up to Connie and Margaret’s tonite.  They all wanted to go to the ball game.  We took care of the kids.  Mom washed her hair and I put it up.  Susan was scared of mom when she had her hair washed and down. But as I got it put up she gradually got over it.

Did I tell you Charles was in the Hospital? Over in Caldwell.  He ate a piece of chocolate cream pie and it gave him an acute case of indigestion.  Has been there three or four days now.  Mom went over Sunday.

Maybe I’m losing weight slowly cause I’ve stayed 123 ½ all week.  Do you want me roly poly or just nice.  Now it’s 4:30.  I’ve worked a little.  Gone around and covered every one and taken everyone to the bathroom.  Golly looks like I’m to lose weight all right.  No one has come to relive me so I can go have my coffee.  That’s one of my main meals.  Coffee and toast in the early am.  It’s a good thing I brought me a good big Hershey bar also tonite.  Of course everyone has had some of it.

I sure got one mad little baby now.  As of tonight we’re discontinuing his AM feeding and he doesn’t see it.  He’s making such an uproar. I can’t hear anyone else.

Guess I’ll have to go swimming tomorrow.  My hair is dirty enough that it needs it.  Or maybe I’ll go out to Wanda’s and ride.  I think I would like that better.

It’s now 0745 and I’m off duty.  How to put my hair up and go to bed.  I wrote a letter to Daddy last nite too.  Guess I shouldn’t write letters all the time but darned if I’ll work all nite, then the day girls sit around.

Going to bed now.  Good morning Dolly.  I’ll have sweet dreams.  Don’t spend too much of your day dreaming.  Hope I get one of your letters today.  I haven’t had one for a long time.

Love Clarese


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