Little Epiphanies and Eager Beavers

I was flipping through some vintage postcards of Boise on cardcow, and I realized a while back that Clarese mentions the ‘nat’ in one of her letters.  I figured out what it was:  the Natatorium, or indoor swimming pool.  However, this particular ‘nat,’ built in 1901, was condemned in 1936, after some of the beams fell into the pool while people were swimming.  Perhaps they built another indoor pool that utilized the geothermal waters of the area by 1946?

Boise Natatorium, 1911.  Image courtesy of Cardcow.

Boise Natatorium, 1911. Image courtesy of Cardcow.


The Natatorium Boise

Interior of Boise Natatorium, c. 1920s. Image courtesy of Cardcow.


Postcard Back

Verso of Interior Natatorium postcard, c. 1920s. Image courtesy of Cardcow.

I love little epiphanies like this!  Now onto Clarese’s letter:

June 8

Happy Anniversary, Dolly.

Gee, maybe soon we’ll be adding years or had you remembered a date like that but I think its fun.

Want to know the latest news?  It’s now 04:45- and y babies are waking up all ready.  They don’t get fed until six but they’re such eager beavers.  Wait till all of the are awake and crying.  I worked all nite as usual.

I went to bed at 9:30.  I had to put my hair up didn’t I?  Slepty pretty good till about noon.  You know I’m sleeping in the basement, right?  All the kids get outside my window to take sun bathes.  Could almost kill them.  Anyway, I went back to sleep and slept till 5-wouldn’t have woke up then but Mrs. Strattle came down and woke me.  I had a phone call.

So who was it but Lee! We gabbed for a while.  Met her at 5:30 and we went bike riding up the hill to the train depot and boy was we tired by then so we laid up on the hill and watched Boise.

Boise Depot and Gardens. Image courtesy of Cardcow.

Boise Depot and Gardens. Image courtesy of Cardcow.

Mark that down as a place for us to go.  There and a good long talk in the park.  With a lunch of course.

We had a bite to eat in McCalls and then we made it back home by 9:30.  Boy were we tired.  I got permission for her to come up and see my room.  And since it was Friday, she didn’t have to leave till after 10.

I was so tired and I’ve come close to going to sleep a couple of times tonite.  Especially when feeding my little babies.  Some of them are so sweet, but of course there’s always something wrong or they wouldn’t be here.

Say, if your still coming next summer, have you thought much about hitchhiking out or driving a car for someone?  Probably be the easiest way.  Ship your luggage out.

We were up to Lee’s a while this evening looking at her graduation gifts and Johnnie sent her a lovely luggage set.  She got a lof of nice things.  But I like my hope chest too.

I hear the whistle of the steam liner coming in.  I would say it’s about 5 hours late.  Should come thru at midnite.

Say, the U.S.O. building is now a furniture store again.  I was so surprised.  I guess it has been for some time.

I’m going to try to get my clothes out of the cleaners tomorrow.  I also think I’m getting a new pair of white shoes.  Low heeled sandals.  I can’t draw a picture of them.  Anyway, they’re cute.  Out of all my 19 pairs of shoes, I have only five pair of low heels and four of those are oxfords.  Oh, I’m in a bad way.

Say, I’ve got a new ill.  A cold sore on the left side of my mouth.  You wouldn’t happen to have one on the right side would you?  Usually we hae them together.  Wonder why.  Anyways, I’m home now and about ready for bed.  Looks like it will be a nice day today.  Going to go to bed, so I’ll say good nite or good morning or something.

As ever, Love

Further Reading:

Moser, Clarence. ‘Remembering Boise: I was in that Natatorium in ’36.’ Boise City Office of the Historian. n.d. Oral History Transcription. 19 February 2014



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3 responses to “Little Epiphanies and Eager Beavers

  1. Great photo. It also looks wonderfully spooky, doesn’t it?

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