That Really Cooked His Goose

This letter has its ups and downs.  Clarese goes on and on about silly nonsensical things, most of which I have omitted, mainly because they are a sentence long, jump from subject to subject, and do not contribute whatsoever to the letter as a whole.  However, Clarese again talks about how ‘solid’ she is (her words, not mine,) and that she hopes to lose more weight.  She’s mentioned her weight in six separate letters now, and how 125 pounds is ‘tipping the scales.’  Honestly, I’m surprised at how weight and body image were as huge of a deal in the 1940s, when the curves of the early 1950s were just coming into style.  I shouldn’t be surprised, since I’m a historic fashion junky, and can trace the tiny waists of corsets throughout their lifetime, but I didn’t really put two and two together concerning the 1940s and 1950s and the changing attitudes toward a woman’s image.  This same attitude of needing to be skinny is still apparent today, but with less emphasis on a miniature waist. I’m sure the images on the Simplicity patterns with their broad shoulders and tiny waists didn’t help much, especially because pattern packages were still prominent as many women still made their own clothes.

June 4
Tuesday Eve

Dear Chuck:

Again time has flown.  I haven’t heard from you yet this week.

Gee, I kinda hate summer this year.  Guess I didn’t meet you till August last year, did I?  How did I ever suffer out the summer months?  You know how hot it is today?  92 in the shade and there’s very little shade.  I about roasted coming back from down town.  Remember this house in the next block that is the only house on the way to town?  Well, she’s building a swimming pool in the back yard.  What I wouldn’t do to get to swim there, especially on a day like today.

One day or nite sure isn’t anything like the one previous, is it.  Nite before last I wasn’t busy at all.  Had time to write my guy a letter. Yesterday went down town.  Bought me some more embroidery thread- I really think that table cloth will be pretty when it’s done.  Maybe I’ll even let you help me on it.  Well any way, you could sit close and I’ll show you how.

ImageI’m still on the lookout for some new clothes.  I did buy myself a new pair of shoes. They’re supposed to be bedroom slippers but they’re all leather-white- so I’m going to use them both for sandals and slippers.

That’s all there is to them.  They stay on my feet okay and are comf. Of course, I did wear a blister on one toe from walking all over town in them.

Remember the guy I told you about the other nite?  He’s 29.  Well, I went riding with him last night-was only gone 30 minutes but brother was that enough. He’s just too old and is much too frank in his speech.  Today he made a fool of himself.  Came into the store and banged some woman on the back.  He thought she was mom.  And he rattled on so, well boy that cooked his goose.  He can be a good dancer but to heck with him.  Besides, he’s too fat.  Now my ideal man is 5’6”, dark skinned with black hair, lives back east.  Boy do I go for him.  Golly I hope I really do, Chuck.  I wouldn’t want to hurt you for anything.

I came home and washed my hair before I went on duty.  Guess I really looked a mess to begin with but when I got off this morning, I really felt like one. I had 19 kids last nite, two went to surgery in the evening: one swallowed an open pin, and another boy was hit by a car and run down-he regained consciousness during the nite and boy did we have a time.  I was kept on the run all nite.  The nite before that when I didn’t need any help I had 2 girls over to help me off and on, but last nite the whole hospital was in an uproar.  But believe it or not I was off duty @ 7.

I came home, put my hair up and rolled into bed.  Woke up @ 2 and went down town.  I thought mom wanted me to fix her hair but she said not till Thursday so I must be rather confused and like I say it’s mighty hot out.

Took my small watch down again Saturday to have it fixed.  Believe it or not, now I can rely on it.  Sure seems good cuz my big one is screwy.  Speaking of time, it’s now supper time but I’m not going over to eat.  I’m reducing.  Well, I only weigh 123 ¾. And that’s something.  Maybe I can come down some more.  I had a nice Tuna Salad down town.  Jenny went over and when she comes back, she’s going to get me a Coke.  I’ve got to have something to quench my thirst-besides, I don’t like water.

Say, I would like to go to a “Dance Revue” at the high school tonight.  Really supposed to be the thing.  Won’t you take me?  Can we sit down front?  All right that’s a date.  Oh how I love dancing.  Did I tell you I was out in the Gym skating on Sunday?  I sure took one nose dive and came out of it with skinned knees and as dirty as can be.

So I continue to jabber.

I got one roll of films this afternoon and Jenny is going over and buy me a roll tonite.  Guess I’d better be saving for next summer.

Golly.  The more I think about that dancing tonite, the more excited I get.

John the yard man has given me permission to pick pansies out of his bed.  Isn’t that sweet of him?Image (2)

I’ve said enough of nothing so I’ll close, as ever-


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  1. Enjoyed the post Ashley. Can you imagine the text bill Clarese would run up?

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