Mountains and a lack thereof

Hello, readers!

I’m back from a very cold and snowy Colorado, and I’ve been going nonstop since.  The trip itself was great;  I went snowboarding every day, and enjoyed every bit of snow!   I even survived the miserably cold weather (highs were in the single digits a couple of days), and despite the frigid temperatures in the Blue Ridge a few weeks ago, the weather still seemed warmer than the east coast! That pesky humidity…

Keystone, where we were located while in the mountains, was not as picturesque as Vail, another ski resort about a half hour to 45 minutes away from Keystone, and it was smaller and more spread out.  Our resort was a ghost town for most of the week, with the only people visible  those who shoveled the sidewalks nonstop or cleared the lake of snow for the few ice skaters.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get my mountain vista fix, mainly for 2 reasons:

1. The way the ski park was situated didn’t show too many sweeping mountain ranges.

2. The weather prevented any and all visibility on all but 2 days!  The entire time we were there, the sky (and about 20 feet in front of you) was a steel gray, with the occasional white out!

I did manage to snap these few pics on those bright and sunny days:




Keystone, looking out toward Lake Dillon, 2014.

Here’s that same view as it was a majority of the trip:

Keystone, looking toward Lake Dillon, 2014.

Keystone, looking toward Lake Dillon, 2014.

Nevertheless, it was still super fun, and I still consider Colorado one of my favorite states, to include Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina, of course!

In other news, I got a new phone!  Somewhat by choice, but more so because I dropped my antiquated one as I was trying to lug my suitcase inside late Saturday night.  Somehow, the tumble caused the screen to stay illuminated (therefore running the battery out super super fast.)  It also lost all ability to ring, diverting all calls to silent before they even rang.  Luckily, my contract was almost up, and the nice Verizon salesperson helped me out.  I’ve already signed up for Instagram, so I’ll be updating this site and Blue Ridge Vintage’s Facebook page more often with fun photos and other things.  Make sure to follow both!  Yay for technology!

Look for a photo tomorrow, and a letter from Clarese on Thursday!


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