A weekend packed clean full for Clarese

June 3
Monday Morn

Dear Chuck-

And such a good start I made at the first of last week then to let four whole days go by.  But boy have they gone by, and packed clean full too.

I’m bringing you up to date.  I’ll start with last Wednesday.  Guess I wrote you then.  We had our Diet and Disease final.  Thank goodness we don’t have any more classes from Miss Nettleton.  I just can’t stand that woman.  Now all I have to look forward to is six weeks with her in the kitchen.

I guess Wednesday nite was also the nite I went to the show with Camilla.  We saw ‘Two sisters from Boston.’  I really liked it.  We went to the early show, and afterwards, my what a line up.  I’m glad we went when we did.  It was all a block long and we got out at 9:30.


We went to McCalls and had cakes and coffee and sat around and gabbed until about 11 when a bunch of us went riding.  Well, I still don’t like necking and I never will.  I don’t mind being loved a little by someone who loves you tho.  As you probably gathered- I had a date.

Thursday nite-let’s see – that was Memorial Day.  Well, I was off around noon so I studied and I don’t mean maybe.  And when I got off in the evening I studied.  I tried to go to bed early but the noise was too much for me.  And then Friday came.  It was a day to look forward to in more ways than one.  We had three final tests.  Materia Medica, Pediactrics, and OR techniques.  Gyn was cancelled until next fall.  I think I made it through the tests ok but probably could have done better.  Not so sure I’ll have a 93 average any more.  If I can just stay above 90, I’ll be glad.

Friday nite I had to work until 9 but once I did get off- I was ready to go to the Prom by 9:30.  I had pressed my formal and had everything all ready.  Do you remember what my black and fuchsia formal is like?  I sure do love it.

I had told Mel not to bring a corsage because the Seniors would be wearing theirs that the Juniors gave them, but what did he do but bring me a beautiful Gardenia for my hair.  And you know me and Gardenias.  We really had a good time.  Any way he said he did and I believe him.  He was about hay drunk so was really feeling good.  We rode down in one of his buddies and afterwards we didn’t go downtown, but went right home and sat on that bench out in the backyard of St. M. and talked about everything and I do mean everything.  Then we watched the kids come home.  More loven’ going around that nite.  We traded almost all of our dances.  Some I danced were wonderful and others not so hot.

Guess Mel really fell for one little nurse real hard and she is a beauty.  She’s French, very small, black hair, creamy white skin and just plain pretty.  Now why couldn’t you have fallen for someone like that?

Since Saturday was the first and I was to go on nites then, I didn’t have to work on Saturday till 11.  I really had planned on sleeping in late but as fate will have it, I woke up about 9.  I went down and fixed me some breakfast.  Say, I’ve got a regular horde in a suitcase in my closet.  Soup, and other canned goods plus a few grapefruits, which I love.  As I was saying, I went down and had me some breakfast.  2 eggs, sausages, toast and coffee.  Guess you know who’s started my coffee habit.  Buy me a cup some time?

And after that, such a room cleaning as my room got.  It’s one it’ll never forget.  I cleaned out every drawer to boot and I’ll bet Blanche was mad when she saw my waste basket.  I now have my scrapbook, its contents, and a whole lot of things to in it-contents scattered all over one of my beds.  It’s about time I bring it up to date.

In the afternoon I went down town looking around.  Still can’t find me a purse.  Or a dress.  I sure rated that afternoon.  I met Mel so we went and had a Coke.  Then mom and I had Sundies.  Then I went up to “Made” to look for shoes and one of the clerks and I went out for coffee.  He’s a bit old for me so his dropped before he even knows it (29).  Aw he’s just a speaking acquaintance anyway.

And now still progressing.  We find ourselves talking about my first night on Peds.  No, let’s not talk about it.  Boy was I busy.  I like it tho. Sure seems odd to be writing you at this hour.  430 am I mean.  As you can see it’s a lot quieter tonight.  Yesterday-Sunday-when I got up at four and went out home .  Had a lovely fried chicken dinner.  My first this year.  In the evening we went down to the park to see the rose gardens.  They weren’t very much in bloom-yet all of grandma’s at home are out and beautiful.  And that is the present news report up to the present time.

So, you’re not getting so much candy in, huh?  Doesn’t sound like business is flourishing so well then.  Golly, sometimes when I think about it, maybe it would be a lot better for you not to come out this summer.  It’s going to take a lot of dough.  Maybe that could go on a new car.  Golly I wish I had a new car.  Of all the things we couldn’t do.

Right now it’s not so cheerful around this place.  Two women upstairs are in labor and believe me, it’s not a pretty sound.  And down here my babies are crying, so I guess I’d better get to feeding them.  Well, I’ll close now.

As ever-Love


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