Going around in circles

May 27

Dearest Chuck:

Dolly, I’m kinda going around in circles.  Got an answer to that letter I wrote last Sunday evening.  I’m sorry I said I guess I was getting the brush off but really I was beginning to wonder.  You remember when you hurt once you’ll do everything in your power to prevent being hurt again.  I’m still your girl.  As much now as I have ever been.  I’m sorry I truly can’t say I’m sure of my love.  Sometimes I feel guilty even liking a man.  Maybe I’m flattering myself but it’s been so long since I’ve heard from Cliff. I know I’ve hurt him.  I would so like to write him and tell him I’m sorry.  I don’t want him or anyone to think bad of me.  Do you think I should write? Can’t you see-it seems like I’m always hurting someone or being hurt.

I’m still waiting eagerly for next summer to come.  But I’ll know better than if my love belongs to you or if I should keep it a while longer.  You’re darn right I want you to come.  Summer wouldn’t be summer without you.

I got three letters this morning.  George has been transferred to treasure island.  I got a snap of him today and he sure looks funny in a crew cut.

Did I tell you I had four finals this week?  Well, now it’s five.  And I still am not spending much time studying.  Wish I could keep my average up as high as it is.

This morning in a couple of spare hours I took my skates down to the gym and believe it or not-it was smooth enough for skating!  Had quite a time.  Then this afternoon we went down and danced.  Haven’t had so much fun in ages.  How are you coming?  I’m so tickled about Friday night.  Guess we’ll only be dancing to Nickelodeon but that’s good enough for me.

Guess the railroad strike is off so you can come out more easily now.  Do hope next time for sure you can drive.  Wish you could this time.

Got some more sorts to my cadet uniform today.  Another summer suit, and finally my raincoat.


Image courtesy of Blitzkreigbaby, 2006.

I’m so sleepy so I’ll close.

Your girl-


Further Reading:

Blitzkreigbaby. ‘Cadet Nurse Corps Uniforms.’ Blitzkreigbaby. 2006. Image. 22 January 2014 http://www.blitzkriegbaby.de/cnc/cnc3.htm


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