With the impending threat of snow on the horizon for southwestern Virginia (supposedly we’re going to get 3 to 6 inches!), I decided to dig through some of the photos my uncle gave me to scan (which have yet to be scanned) in order to find the perfect snowy day photograph.


I love this photo of my mom and my grandmother.  Taken at the same house as the fancy birthday party, this is definitely a few years later, as my mom is 2 years younger than my uncle. There are several things I absolutely love about this photograph:

  • My mom’s outfit. She’s wearing a pea coat, matching grey sweatpants, someone else’s mittens, and cowboy boots.  Here’s a better shot of her and her outfit.  She stands with a neighborhood kid.


  •  My grandmother’s smile.  You may remember that a year before (or a few years), my grandmother was extremely unhappy.  Nothing seems to be bothering her now!
  •  My grandmother’s hair.  She was always very stylish.  I wear my hair like this a lot.  It’s about all I can do styling wise when I decide to leave my hair curly and down (it’s usually up in a ponytail or bun!)  I think I may have gotten some of my curl from her…
  •  The fact that the road is still covered in snow.  It doesn’t take too long after it starts snowing (or sometimes even before!) before the county sends out its snow plows and salt trucks, turning the snow and everything in a 5 foot radius a yucky black.
  • They weren’t afraid to go out while it was still snowing.  You can see in some of that precipitation in this photo-my mom and some neighborhood kids are busy making snowballs!

Brenda.snow.1Here’s hoping for a little bit of that snow, so I can bundle up, stay inside, and drink hot chocolate while watching the snow fall!



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2 responses to “Snow!

  1. Adorable pics. But I am not excited about this snow. I broke my wrist back in “Snowmageddeon” and couldn’t even get anyone to sign to be my “responsible adult” for surgery. Chaos ensued! LOL, I’m forever traumatized. But I have a “bionic” arm now…. Well, enough metal to be one at least. LOL 🙂

    Enjoy the white stuff. And be safe.

    • Oh my goodness! I can see why you don’t want it! So far there’s just been flurries, but all the schools are closed, the sports facility where were supposed to have practice tonight is already closed, and the museum I volunteer at is closed! And none of it has actually stuck yet. Too bad I’m stuck at work….but only until 11 and then I can enjoy the frenzy! Fingers crossed you guys don’t get any!

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