Dancing, 1946

May 26

Dearest Chuck:

Are you going to sleep good tonite?  I’m all ready for bed except to drop my dolly a line.

Friday nite I had to work till 10 so that kept me out of mischief.  Last nite I also worked till 10.  Be glad when some day I can have a Saturday nite off and can go out.  Especially dancing.  I miss that more than anything.

I had some time yesterday afternoon off, of course, since I worked the nite shift.  I went down town to look for a new patent purse.  I still can’t find one I like.  I wandered over to Corrally to look but I guess I’m not in that upper bracket yet.  One I like? $27.

Lovely weather up until today, and it was just like I like it.  A light drizzle all day.  I went home this morning after work, got off too late for Church, but I got to go to chapel.  Any way, I want home and put mom’s hair up.  She went over to Connie’s to fix chickens.  Connie went out yesterday into the country and got two dozen to fix for cold storage.  Bet we have some delicious chicken next winter.

After I got off work tonite, I went home and combed mom’s hair out again.  She’s got to look nice for tomorrow ‘cause Charles always comes over on Mondays.  Her hair wasn’t all I put up today, either!  This morning, the two girls I had for baths in the unit had to have their hair washed too, so of course I had to put it up too.  And then tonite, mine had to be fixed.  I’m really getting fairly good.

One of the girls in peds, Beverley, has Polio and is paralyzed from the waist down and her left side.  She’s 13.  She’s slowly getting some motion back.  Friday her physio-therapist showed me how to give her a heat treatment then massage her legs and stretch them.  I did that both yesterday and today.  Beverley has been in the hospital for 7 months and she said I was the best nurse she had ever seen, and that she liked me best.  Boy talk about making you feel good.

Remember when I told you we’re having the Junior/Senior prom next Friday?  Going to be at the Boise Hotel.  I get off duty at 9, so I should be able to make it by 930.  I called up Melvin today and he said he would take me.  Remember the research paper I helped him with?  Well, he got a B+ on it.  Pretty good, huh.  Any way, I’m glad to get to go next Friday.  I’m not going to buy any new formal.  My fushia and black is good enough.  Anyway, I sure like it.

Say, when you come out here, I wonder where you’ll stay part of the time?  Grandma has our front bedroom rented and you can’t occupy the couch all the time.  Would you mind staying at Connie’s some, too?  Maybe you’ve also made plans about where you’ll want to stay.  Maybe she’ll vacate the front bedroom by then.  Oh well, why worry.  We’ll see.

Can’t think of much more except I’m sleepy and I don’t feel like studying.  So, nite now.



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