A very 1950s birthday

Ricky, birthday party 1950s

I love this gathering of neighborhood kids, all lined up for the photo none of them seem quite ready for.  My uncle is the tiny one at the front left, with the unicorn style hat, clutching a balloon tightly to his chest, toy guns forgotten in the moment.

One cool thing about this photo is the overall sense of fashion.  Everyone seems dressed up, perhaps more than usual, with the boys in slacks and V-neck sweaters, the collars of their white button-ups falling relaxed around their shoulders. It even looks like my uncle is wearing a gold waistcoat!  I love the girl in the back right’s outfit- her plaid skirt, matching ankle socks, and saddle shoes totally characterize 1950s fashion.  She continues to blow up a balloon, perhaps for the little boy in white, throwing a temper tantrum in the foreground.


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