Coal Tar Nylons, Railroad Strikes, and Another Hint at Marriage

May 24

Dearest Chuck:

Got another letter from you yesterday.  Deed I did, and was I happy.  I just read it and read it.

So you’ve really been attending weddings lately, huh?  Well, now just don’t you get your fill too soon.  You know it seems odd when everybody your age is married and got kids or getting that way.  It’s kinda lonesome around here too.  Know what Maureen told me this morning? She dreamt that we went over to Seattle okay and came back but you were waiting for me and we were going back to Indiana to be married.  She said she just argued and argued with me to make me stay.  Some set up, huh!

Guess I haven’t written you since Wednesday morning.  Remember I told you when mom got back that her hair needed fixing?  Well, that’s what I did Wednesday.  I washed my hair in the afternoon, then after work I put it up-with the aid of Annabelle and then went home and fixed moms.  I’m getting pretty good at fixing hers.  And mine didn’t turn out too bad at all.

I went down town yesterday and bought me a new pair of shoes.  They’re black patent leather-with toe and heel out.  It’s got gold studs around on the platform sole.  Really slick looking.  All I need now is a new patent purse to go with them and a new black dress.  Just seemed like I couldn’t get any shopping done when you were around me.

Last nite I took my late and was going out to Meridian to the Graduation.  I got an announcement from Floy.  But I had forgotten all about the train strikes.  I went down at 8 and he said I might have standing room by nine, so I called up mom and she came down and we went to the show “Kitty.”  Not bad, not bad at all.


Golly, guess I just don’t realize mom’s age, but she said she just couldn’t hear it very well or see.  Golly, I hope she doesn’t go completely blind.  That would be horrible.

Wore my nylons last nite.   Guess I’m just going to have to quit wearing them this summer.  They’re made out of coal tar and when they get hot, wow.  I have two big blisters on my feet.

Say, if that R.R. strike lasts as long as it’s supposed too, how in the world will you be able to come out here if the buses are so crowded? We couldn’t even see Nina and Joe.  Mom says they’ll let ups by then.  I do hope so.  I’m looking forward to this summer more than I thought possible.  Just two more months.  Whenever I go to bed now, I just lay there and dream and dream.  Such lovely things, but I guess I’d better cut it out.  We have four finals next week and then no more classes for the summer.

Last couple of days have been beautiful.  Around 80.  I’m going to wait till tests are over before I go swimming again.

Say, next Friday is our Jr/Senior prom at the Hotel Boise.  Guess I’ll ask Melvin to take me. He aught to return the favor since I helped him on his papers.

Hotel Boise

Can’t think of much more, and it’s about time for class.

As ever



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