Dirty pools, milkshakes, and ‘Saratoga Trunk’

May 22

Wed Morn.

Dearest Chuck:

Have you forgiven me yet for that horrible letter? I can’t even remember some of the things I wrote.  Maybe they aren’t so bad as I think them to be.  Please forgive me for doubting you.

Now I don’t believe I’ve written a letter this time of day before.  I got up at 6:30 this morning.  Almost overslept and went on duty from 7-8.  Had to take temps and that was all.  A bunch of girls- 8 – came back from Salem today.  So instead of the usual 3 on duty at 7, we had 5 this morning.  In peds, I mean.

Boy am I hungry.  By the time I got dressed this morning and over there it was too late for breakfast, so I went straight to chapel.  It was the first time I’ve gone in a week.  I prayed for us this morning.  I do hope he hears me.

Want to know what I did yesterday?  Oh what a long day! We were scheduled to have 4 hours of class but three of them were cancelled so about 2 we took off swimming.  The pool seemed awfully dirty and it was cold.  There was 7 of us that went.  There was a slight wind and no sun so it shouldn’t surprise you when I say I have a slight cold now!

I came home – oh, but first! – a couple of girls had to be on duty at 4 so we didn’t stay too long- then after we brought them back.  Oh, yes, we rode in style.  A car for a change!  We went out to Murray’s for milk shakes.  And then I came home.  Put up my hair-dirty as it was and went down to the kitchen and sat in front of the oven while my hair dried.

Three of us were going to the show- but it ended that I went alone.  I did have some one go along down town with me – and we ate supper.  Then I took off for the show alone.  I saw “Saratoga Trunk,” and I really liked it.  Have you seen it yet?  Don’t miss it when it comes.

Be seeing you dolly in a couple of months.

Love Clarese


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