Tunes have changed

May 20

Monday Eve

I’m awfully sorry I wrote the letter I did last nite.  I almost knew I shouldn’t mail it this morning but I did.  I’m sorry dolly.  But golly it had been 11 days since I heard and I got played for a sucker once before.  I’m sorry I doubted your love.  I was almost positive Louis was home but still no word.

Do you forgive me?  Do you still love me?

Laura and Jenny have been teasing me this last week about how I lost my boyfriend, but tunes changed this morning.

I pulled the craziest stunt this morning.  My duty watch has been acting like my other wrist watch now.  And I thought I was getting up at 8:30.  I dressed, went downstairs, had my breakfast-just as I was ready to come back upstairs I found out it was only 8:10.  So I studies this morning.  4 hours of class was cancelled this morning and afternoon of course, so I had to go on duty earlier and also I had time to go down town.

First thing I did of course was head for mom.  Guess she really had a good time-saw everyone we knew years ago.  They did a lot of driving around and its beautiful country up there.

Tried on some brown and white spectators today, but they didn’t fit.

Spectators, 1940s

Spectators, 1940s

I’m kinda leery about my old swimming suit. Bet I’ll have to buy a new one.  Time out while I try it on.

Well, what do you know.  It fits.  I still weigh the same as last year, only I’m a little more solid.  It’s dark blue elastic.  One piece.  Guess I won’t have to worry about a new one.

I bought me a new slip today.  It’s plain white yet it’s pretty.  Tonight was my last night on relief for a while.  Have a long day tomorrow.  I have a dirty sneaking feeling we won’t be going swimming tomorrow nite.  Most of the kids who were going are on a committee to plan the Jr./Senior prom.  Yes, we even have these things here.  Guess maybe I won’t be able to go tho- no date.

Say, speaking of dates.  They’re hard to get around here, too. Seems the guys all have girls to come home to.  My date the other nite was a hodo. He stood me up Sunday and I did the same to him on Monday.  I haven’t seen hide nor hair of him since.  I’ve gone with him off and on for four years.  We always did fight.  So maybe I’ll see him no more.  Besides-who’s got time for trifles.  I’ve got a heavy date this summer.

Got a letter from Daddy today.  Guess they’re building a new house and believe it or not, they invited me over when I go over to Salem next year.

Guess you know that knowing you the first few months sure helped me in the nurses training.  It would probably have gone so slow.  Guess you also know about sleeping with me every nite-tsk tsk.  I have your big picture on the window sill by my head and the little one on my dresser looking at me too.  Sure have good dreams that way.

Guess your weather’s not so good, huh!  Boy ours is heavenly. I wouldn’t trade Idaho for any place in the world.

Tell Louis to take it easy and not over do it.  Sounds like he’s had a swell time so far.  Sounds like a wonderful party last weekend.  That should end them for a while, huh!

I’m getting awfully sleepy.

Tell everyone hello.

Please forgive me, Chuck!

All my love-



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