The Grand Brushoff

May 19

Sunday Eve

Dearest Chuck:

Guess I haven’t had time to write you the last couple of days and sometimes I kinda wonder if I should write.  Now, take my last letter-I say too much.

Haven’t heard from you since goodness knows when.  Guess maybe I’m getting the grand brushoff and just don’t know it.  After this letter of cheering news, I shall just sit tight and wait for a while.  This will be almost as long as I had to wait till I heard from you when you were going home.  Tomorrow I shall look and see for sure how long it has been.  Guess I’ve done right good.  I’ve received 33 letters from you and I have written you around 27.

Such a time as yesterday was.  I saw another autopsy.  About three days ago, we had a brain surgery.  The specialist flew in here and brought his own nurses and instruments.  Believe it or not the guy got hit on the head with a  coke bottle.  Well, he died Friday morning.  Guess he was operated on 5 days ago.  They held an autopsy for him out at Meridian yesterday morning.  Ten of us got to go.  He (the pathologist) did a complete autopsy-brain and entire contents of the body.  It really meant more to us since the entire anatomy course we took.  It is one I shall never forget.  Doesn’t it seem odd that seeing these things does not bother me in the least?

Then last nite we had so many emergencies come in.  I’m glad tomorrow nite is my last nite of 3-11.  I got off duty around midnite but the nurse who was supposed to be off at 9 got off at 11:30.

We have one little boy who is slowly bleeding to death and we can’t do a thing.  And another was hit by a car and has been unconscious for 3 days.  Guess there will be a big lawsuit over that.

The “nat” opened Saturday afternoon.  And a thrill of a lifetime for me. I’ve been invited to go along on a swimming party by some of the older students.  Guess its to be Tuesday nite.

Golly, I’m sitting here all alone and it kinda gets spooky when you think about it.

Say, I’m reading a good book now.  Heidi grows up-sequel to Heidi, which I read about 7 years ago.  You’d be surprised what you find over here in peds.  I didn’t even know there was a sequel!

Saratoga Trunk is playing at the Dinney now-hope I get to see it.  Bet there’s no shows for you to go for a while yet.

Can’t think of anything more until I hear from you.

As ever-




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4 responses to “The Grand Brushoff

  1. Oh poor Clarese. I always expect to read a letter with her in tears. But I’m starting to believe she’s made of tougher stuff!
    Ashley, this has been a great idea for a series of posts. You’re clever to think of it.
    Happy Holidays,

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