Playing house, 1930s

Photo credit is due, but not sure to whom.

Photo credit is due, but not sure to whom.

I absolutely love this photo.  I’m guessing this was taken in the 1930s, based on the shortness of her dress (thanks to Shirley Temple), the knee socks, the tiny empire-waist cardigan, and the headscarf. Her babies are all lined up in her rocking horse, ready for the little girl’s imaginative ride.  She sucks her thumb, unaware of the camera as she stares down at her sailor suited, porcelain doll.The rocking horse (horse carriage?) looks handmade, with a fabric basket in paisley for her dolls’ comfort.  Perhaps its just the image, but it looks like fabric is worn, with a spot of dirt at the center right, just before the dowel-maybe signifying this as reused fabric, or a much loved couch cushion converted for the moment on her whim.

Candid photos are my favorite.  I always wonder what’s going through someone’s head as they’re being photographed, completely unaware of the moment being captured in time.

Note: I do not own this photo; I found it on the internet and fell in love with it.  If I could give credit to the owner, I would, but it’s origin is unknown, as I found it on Pinterest and it has no follow-up link!


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