Laboratory Examination from Clarese


Dearest Chuck:

Haven’t got the reports back from the lab yet but I think you’ll find I am in love. Oh I do hope so. I’m waiting so patiently for you to come next summer. Just two and one–half months away.

Sometimes I’m scared of love and what happens. Right now there’s a woman up in O.B. upstairs in the maternity ward (does that sound better?) She’s yelling so loud in her pain. Don’t know if babies are worth it. Yet that is the inevitable outcome. Sometimes too I get so scared that I don’t really love you. Bet I’ll be sure this summer when you come. You do like me, don’t you dolly?

Didn’t get any mail today. Haven’t had any mail for over a week now. Except from George. If he wasn’t my cousin, I should probably not even hear from him. But I shall keep writing letters. Someday I shall get my correspondence caught up.

Guess you know we have only two weeks left in which to finish our classes. Remember we finished E.E.N.T (ears, eyes, nose, throat?) a long time ago. Well we just got our papers back. I got a 96. We will finished Pediatric nursing in a couple of days and I know already what I’ll get as a final in that: an 85. Not so good, huh! We only had six tests in that and the final is just an average of them. I’m afraid I didn’t study the first couple. It shouldn’t bring my average down too much tho.

Will you pardon this horrible job of printing? This is what happens when I try to print fast.

Mom went up to Grangeville this morning. It’s just about 125 miles the other side of McCall. The road the rest of the way up is just like on the way to McCall. The people she is going to see is about our oldest friend. She’s married ad is the same age as mom.

I guess I should go out and drown myself. Writing such dumb letters. But me and the little kids are getting along okay. Got to go home, take a shower, put my hair up, and hit the hay. Then in the morning, up bright and early to study for a test.
I’ll see you in my dreams

Nite now.

Love Clarese


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